New saddle? New Uni? Beginner.

I got a used rusty old 24er to learn on about a month ago.

Today I went for my longest ride ever, 1 hour and 7.6km. After about 20 minutes in the saddle, my perineum/crotch started to hurt. I have been cycling regularly prior to unicycling, and always used padded shorts, so this is disturbing. From reading loads of threads, it seems that the Kris Holm Freeride saddle is the one I should get, since it has deep cutouts at the center.

I am also toying with the idea of a 2nd unicycle.

  • Get a 20" to practice skills on and keep the 24" for distance riding
  • Get a 29" Muni with slick tires, and keep the 24" for practicing skills on. When I'm ready I can put knobby tires on the muni and try some offroad.

My short term goal is to do distance riding on paved bike paths, and my long term goal is to muni.

Pictures of my current seat.

Are these the standard mount for saddles?

Nice job on the long ride. I’m trying to stay ahead of you :slight_smile:

My Club 24 gets very uncomfortable after a half hour. I thought about a new saddle, but I think I’m gonna save for a new uni. My ride yesterday proved to me that short, frequent breaks go a long way in pain abatement. A new seat would be much better, but its a learner uni, and I just don’t want to put money into it.

My long-term goals are the same, distance and muni. Probably get a 36 for my next one. Would definitely not go smaller, at least not now.

Where pain is concerned: For now, its a grin-and-bear-it attitude.

Hey I’m with animal cage, i am trying to make due, as long as i mount correctly theres no pain, i had a 20" Muni and it is HELLA! fun, its a beastly little machine for sure.

That seat post clamp is a poorly designed quick release… i have something similar and it doesn’t work… its upsetting…

Get a 20" if you really want to get technical

Get a 29" if you really want to do some cross country.

I am SO excited to muni with my 20", but i want a 24/26 Muni and a 36 Guni =D 2 unicycles would be nice but 3 unicycles would be better =D

It’s the magic cycle formula (popular on 2 wheel forums also) where the number of machines you need is N+1 where N is what you have now. :smiley:

I’m sure that I’ll end up with many unicycles if I stick with this hobby. If only money dropped from the sky, I wouldn’t have this dilemma!