New saddle advice

I bought a Torker CX a while ago (a bit impulsively, it was the only unicycle in my local bike shop) and I think the uncomfortable saddle is really interfering with my learning. So I would like to get a replacement saddle that is better but not too expensive (don’t plan on riding long distances or anything right now). I am pretty confused about the options so any help would be great. Also I need to know if it would be compatible with current post or what kind I would need.

I was looking at this one

Thank you for any help!

That club saddle is not very good at all. It was on the beginner unicycle I bought for my son. The Kris Holm saddle just went on sale today (in yellow) for $50. It is MUCH better than the club, and I have also found it much more comfortable than the standard Nimbus gel. Having just learned to ride myself, I can now can ride for 20-25 minutes with no discomfort at all using the KH saddle. With the standard gel saddle, I was done in by crotch pain after 10-15 minutes.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the cost. If you upgrade your unicycle–just transfer the seat!

I agree. KH is the pinnacle of unicycle gear. The club saddle isn’t great, and frankly won’t do you much better than your Torker seat, regardless of what the reviews say.

If you want a good saddle, go for that yellow KH Freeride that’s on sale. It’s a quality seat, and isn’t buckets of money more expensive than the club seat you had your eye on.

Okay thanks for the advice, if I got the KH saddle would I need to get a different post? If so what kind?


Thank you for the advice everyone. I bought it, now I just have to wait for it to get here…