New "Rockin" Muni Video from the old guy(s)!

Between the two of us we’re 98 years old! (I should say 98 years young!:smiley: ) But it 'just shows to go ya’, you’re never too old to learn Muni! My new riding buddy Jim and I have been riding the rugged mountain trails in the OC area above Laguna Niguel called Aliso woods now for the past 3 weeks.

There is such a vast variety of great trails from cool “luge”-style singletrack, to the most technical trail appropriatley called, “Stair-stepper”. We filmed ourselves at the very beginning, as the 98% that lie just ahead was waaaay beyond the ‘abilities of mortal men’ , and it even strikes major fear in the most seasoned mtb-ers!

This is one trail that would likely be too hardcore, even for John Long(Vivalargo) to attempt! (But we’d love to see him conquer it!) Come on down John…I’ll bring my videcam! (and a first aid kit! LOL!) :sunglasses:

Anyhoo, our four-hour ride was the most fun yet, and this resulting video was fun to shoot and there’s a “blooper” section at the end. Not bad for a couple of old farts!

i liked it! and that last song is my moms ring tone lol

but you need more hardcore bails!!

I should emphasise that the narration of us calling a particular section “Stair-stepper”, and showing us riding on it, was NOT the real thing! It was just BEFORE the rocky part began, and was the only part we were willing to ride! What I did manage to capture on video does not come close to what it actually looks like. It is beyond intense!

And even though Jim and I have a combined total of less than five months muni experience, (and hadn’t ridden unis before that since we were teens!) we’re giving it our best shot and getting better (slowly but surely) with each passing week!

Also, don’t miss the part towards the end of the video where a couple of brave mtb-ers risk life & limb to try their luck on our munis! :slight_smile: Everybody wants to get in on the act!:smiley:

Those will definitely be forthcoming…I just hope the old bones can take it! :astonished:

Great video. And great place to MUni. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there is no where around here where I will be able to get on my MUni and ride for hours. I may be able to mess around a bit and practice the old techniques but I will have to go out for the day to get any decent MUni. Now, how to convince hubby that what we all need is a couple of hours drive to the mountains for the day and maybe we could take my MUni along, just in case. :roll_eyes:


I know what you mean! I have virtually no decent muni near me other than horse trails, which have some decent climbs and DH, but nothing close to real muni. The Aliso trails are a solid hours drive each way for me. I left for yesterday’s ride at 2pm, and didn’t get back home (no trafffic either way) 'tll 9pm! But it was and IS worth it every time!:smiley:

Thanks! it was fun filming the mtb-ers trying it! :astonished:

Great job guy’s. Chalk one up for the older riders.

You two had a great day of riding! Loved you video.

It looks like I need to get “hoping” to improve my MUni skills. You’re hopping very well. I can hop on my 20" but still working on the 24" MUni hops.

Great video. Thanks.
That will get passed on to family members also.


Nice job of putting the video together!! Best so far.
Terry and I have been having a blast on the Munis, the high point of my week. My mtb friends are feeling abandoned(sp?) but the muni is too fun.

Cathy, have you asked about mountain bike routes in a bike shop? Don’t mess about taking a muni there, or else you may get fobbed off with super easy routes, just pop in some point when you don’t have the muni with you and ask people where their local trails are. Try and find the shop local mountain bike riders go to. Alternatively and easier, ask on or which are like bike nerd versions of . It’s just that I’ve seen several people post on here that they’ve got no muni riding near them when they’re actually near fantastic riding. Lots of good riding is unnofficial and hard to find if you aren’t in the know. A major mountain bike race finished at Prestatyn last year ( ) , so it seems surprising that there isn’t any muni riding within riding distance?


HI Joe,
Actually I have a good relationship with the guy who owns the LBS & he’s always telling me about events at Betws Y Coed and the other big MTB courses like the one you went on the w/e you rode down Snowdon.

He has told me about a hill a couple of miles from me which is a ‘practice’ area for MTBers. But it is only an area for practice, not for getting on and riding.

Actually I hope to go to Llandegla forest, which is an hour’s drive away next weekend.

Anyway, thanks for that.