New Road Bike, Please Help

So i posted in JC and thought i might get a few more replies here even though its not uni-related…

Well, i am getting a new road bike soon and dont really know much about them.
I have pretty much narrowed it down to 2 so could someone/everyone that knows lots please compare the 2 for me and write out what to go for and why?
First one is a Merida 905: This is normally $2200 but i can get it for $1650 as its at a mates bike store and on sale (he pushed sale price down a bit more).

Second is a Trek 1.7: (you will need to go to the ‘road’ section and go to the 1 Series then select the 1.7 (i cant link directly to it for some reason). This I can only get for RRP which is $1999.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks guys.

Both have aluminum frames, carbon forks, and decent Shimano components-- see if you can fin them on:

Get the Trek. Trek has better guarantee