New Roach Armor: no protection in back?


I’ve been putting off buying custom Roach Armor for my legs for like a year now. Not sure why. Now, from what I can tell from posts here and on the Roach web site, the new style leg armor does not cover the back of the leg. That is where I take 50% of my hits! So, that just wont do. I guess I’m going to call Roach to see if they can make them the old way. Has anyone else done this? Or is it not true that there is no protection in the back?

I would just get 661s but I already ordered a pair of 661s and got the largest size and they were too small around for me.

I’m definitely needing leg armor now because I’m trying to work on my hopping up stairs technique and I want protection. I already have a new (small) scar on the back of my leg from coming off of my pedal. As is common, it gouged me in the back of the leg, low down on the calf.



Sorry for the additional post but can you all remind me where I measure in order to get custom measurements anyway? Isn’t it 1 inch above the knee, 1 inch above the ankle, and across the broad part of the calf?


Re: New Roach Armor: no protection in back?

what about the new KH armour?


I dunno … is that the KH armor I saw at NAUCC that John Drummond had a sample copy of? If so, I must say that I didn’t like them. First, I don’t know what size it was, but it didn’t fit my leg. Second, there was a HUGE gap on the calf, leaving it quite exposed. My calves are large (for my overall size) and so this gap was particularly pronounced. The gap ranged from 1 to 2.5 inches, getting larger the farther up the back of my leg you looked. With that big of a gap, a lot of the back of my leg was exposed.

So, if that is the brand you mean, I don’t think I like it. I don’t want a gap anywhere, and certainly not on the back or even on the side really.

However, I have lost 40 lbs since trying them on. Still, my leg measurements have barely changed. I lost a little size on my legs, but that sill leaves me around 17.5 or so on my calves and 18 or a tad more for the upper opening, measuring on the skin. The bottom stayed the same, at 10.25 inches at the narrow part of the ankle.

I dunno, maybe I should try the 661s again. Since the top opening on the large is 18 inches I might be able to get into it this time. Then again, I’m not sure if my calf would fit. Maybe I’ll fly up to the NW sometime and borrow Greg’s for a few minutes. :slight_smile: However, the bottom of the large 661 is only 9.5. Hmm.

Rats, I feel like I’m back to square one as per last year. :smiley:



Have you tried the old trick of getting a soccer shin pad and wearing it backwards, so it protects your calf? I had the same problem with the pins on my pedals eating the backs of my legs, until I heard of this.
But now I have a set of the KH leg armour (size large, 'tho I’m not a large person), and there’s plenty of protection at the back of my legs, so I’ve given up the soccer pads.


Yes, the new roach don’t have any calf protection at all. It’s just mesh, and the will just get snagged by your pedal pins, while leaving your leg exposed. Get the 661 or KH, the new roaches suck.

It should be possible to get some Cordura fabric and sew it onto whatever pads come closest. Then you’re all set. I have some I could send to you if you’re interested.

Here is a photo of the KH leg armour, to give people some idea of the coverage at the back of the leg. These are size large, and my leg is 38.5 cm (15") at the knee and mid-calf, and 24.5 cm (9.5") at the ankle. Maybe this will be of interest to anybody thinking about the KH pads?


Holy Attack of the 50-foot leg pads!! Sorry about the highly magnified and rather grotesque display of leg! Some things just weren’t meant to be seen up close…


With legs THAT big, his head must be the size of a city block!


Thanks for the offer! Very generous. I will have to think about what I will do.


Whoa momma! Man look at those exposed areas at the top! Your calf is 15 inches and mine is 17 or 17.5, right in there. I think actually it was 17.33333. OK I have seen some pretty beefy dudes riding unicycles. What do you guys wear for protection? Or don’t you?

Also, it is hard for me to tell from the pic due to my lack of familiarity with the product, but do those KH pads actually have armor in the back, or padding, or just fabric. I can’t quite tell.


Hi Lewis,

The KH armour has just the two fabric layers in back - the inner liner, and the thicker outer ballistic nylon. Even so, I’ve taken a couple of hits there and not felt much of anything. You’re right, with a thicker calf there’d be more of a gap, even lower down. The gap up near the top hasn’t been a problem, and I have 170 mm cranks which have the potential for taking a bite out fairly high up.

As for that picture…thank heavens the thread wasn’t about riding shorts…


Here’s a resized version to save the world from the moster with 50 foot legs: