New rim

So while I was up at Camp Wente training the future leaders of the world and home Scout Troops, my unicycle went on a trip to the LBS where they told me my rim was beyond all hope. I’m thinking of getting an apparently popular DX32. I need a new rim so I can still use my Torker CX, but I’m looking into buying a whole new uni soon.

Is this the right course of action?


How much does a DX32 cost. You may be able to just get a cheap one then wait till you buy your new uni.


To all my knowledge a DX32 is a 19" rim and the Torker CX frame is to narrow to fit it and it won’t fit your tire, unless it’s a different DX32 or a different torker than th one I’m thinking of. says it comes in 24". I’m not sure how wide my tire is, probably 1.5. I need something that can take a decent amount of abuse (as I’m pretty new rider) but isn’t too expensive.

Alex does make a 20" version of the DX32. The DX32 is available in 19", 20", 24" and 26" sizes. The 19" size is the one used on the trials unicycles. The DX32 is going to be too wide for the Torker CX frame.

There are lots of 20" double walled BMX rims that would be appropriate. A double walled aluminum alloy rim is going to be much stronger than the cheap single walled steel rim that came on the Torker CX. has an Alex DM24 rim for $19. It’s a double walled alloy rim. There’s other’s too. You should be able to find a good rim in the $20 range. Double walled rims are stronger than single walled rims. Look for a double walled rim.

The expensive part is likely to be the wheel build itself. And don’t forget that you’ll need new spokes and nipples because the old spokes aren’t going to fit the new rim.

I think a 1.75" tire will fit in the Torker CX frame. Get a 20" BMX rim that’s wide enough for a 1.75" tire and you’ll be good.

Why would I get a 20" rim with a 24" Torker?

Oops! I thought you has a 20".

Everything I said still holds for a 24" rim. There are good 24" BMX style rims available, just not as many as for the 20" size. Find a good double walled rim that’s a good width for a 1.75" tire.