new rider...

a new face has appeared in GUS (gauteng unicycle society)
and blew us away by becoming pretty proficient in the space of three days
the guy is in his 30’s , so i’m even more impressed
he used an interesting trick to learn and i thought i’d pass it on for some comment
he used a broomstick to keep himself upright and learnt to ride this way
sticking the one end on the ground and riding around it till he became good enuf to use it as a ‘riding stick’

(thought i’d add that before unijess got excited ref the broomstick technology)

anybodt ever seen or done anything simmilar?:slight_smile:

Someone somewhere on the Internet, I forget who, mentioned learning to ride off-road before he could freemount by carrying around a ski pole to help him mount.

I tried this but it didn’t work for me; for me it was the local high school fence. Up and down, up and down…