New rider!

I’m not a new rider, but I decided to do the Cycling merit badge in my Boy Scout troop, and actually inspired another boy to learn, he even told me. He can only go a few feet away from the fence without falling, but once you start letting go of the fence you’re training your leg muscles to react, and the learning process speeds up.

So, upon learning that he was learning to ride I referred him to a unicycle club in my area (MadUni) and also to the forums.

Hopefully he’ll get into uni :D!

i did that one on my uni

Tell him to join the forums!

@Knoxuni - Yeah, I did one 25 and 50 miler on my 36er while all the others were on my bike. It was loads of fun, especially with padded bike shorts :stuck_out_tongue:

@ThisIsAUsername - Yup, I did :slight_smile: He looked pretty excited about riding so I’m thinking we should have another forum member of Madison pretty soon!

i did a 50 on a 24’

If not you were probably slowing down the rest of your troop.

nope not geared and i wasent slowing them down it was i tight slow downhill