New Rider with seat causing pain

I just started riding a unicycle and can now ride about 50 to 100 ft without falling.

My seat seems to rub on my legs a lot. I am experiencing bad chaffing on my legs (or inner thighs) when riding for more than 10 minutes. It’s to the point where I can’t ride anymore now…

I ride on flat ground but it’s not pavement, so I have work to stay up.
I do wobble a bit to stay balanced, and this seems to make it worse.

Is it my seat? Or my wobbling? Anyone experience the same thing?

Thanks guys!


Its just generally being new to unicycling. Try wearing some bicycling shorts, or getting a different saddle all together, one thats softer. Try putting a rag or cloth on the seat as well. Keeps your pants from being too baggy, then can rub you raw. If i havent seriously gone out and done some trials in a few weeks, i experience this to the max, also bruising. If all else fails, try getting some lubrication off, so your seat doesnt rub as much. Or just live with it for a while. Hope i helped :slight_smile:


Absoloutely normal for a new rider, the skin on your inner thighs will toughen and all the hair will get pulled out eventually, making it alot more comfortable. Also chances are if you have a fairly cheap beginner uni it will have a nasty saddle, if it gets unbearable consider upgrading it.

yeah… thats what i meant in my frist post, but that didnt make sense to myself at all. W00tles, yeah, just try and get used to it for now, or just refrain from riding until the chaffing gets better, and then do it again.


You guys are fast. Thanks for the feedback!

That helps a ton.

Since I don’t know any other unicyclers, I was getting discouraged.

I did several miles yesterday, after a long “lay off” and I noticed the seat chaffing. And that sort of proves that it’s something you can get used to, because I don’t normally notice it.

A unicycle is a cycle. Treat it as such: wear cycling shorts, not jeans. I find talcum powder in the shorts helps. Other people use proper stuff designed for cyclists, and others use corn flour (I think).

Make sure your seat is at the right height. For normal riding, it should be set the same as for a bicycle. You should be able to sit comfortably on the seat, with the pedal at it’s lowest point of travel, with your heel on the pedal, and your leg comfortably straight but not locked out. Now move the ball of your foot onto the pedal, and you will find that at the bottom of the pedal stroke, your leg is comfortable.

Too low or too high can cause problems with weight distribution and posture.

I find it’s best to have my seat positioned with the front tilted upwards.

Ride with your weight on the saddle.

Often, it isn’t actually “chaffing” that’s the rpoblem. It’s “smearing” which is when part of the skin is trapped and can’t slide into a more comfortable position.

Unicycling will always hurt a bit, because the human race has been evolving for several million years without the existence of the unicycle saddle as an evolutionary pressure. (As an alternative hypothesis of equal validity, God did not design us to ride unicycles.) However, it shouldn’t hurt too much.

If all else fails, get a different saddle. For normal riding, I like the basic Miyata. Very little padding, but it’s the right shape for a long ride.

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I would say put ALOT more weight in your saddle…

Hmmm,Try 50,000m I hope your skin gets tougher

Allow me to disagree with the “equal validity” part :stuck_out_tongue: As for the original question my two recommendations are to get a good saddle and to wear padded cycling shorts (you can always wear some regular shorts over them if you don´t like the look).

Yes i know i have been in that position when busking, the seat wasnt proper and was built very wide but i have now got used to it

We can’t offer any advice beyond what’s already been offered because we have no idea about your seat, you forgot to tell us what it is. Some seats are a little wide, but mostly it’s just getting used to unicycling. As a beginner you still probably have to learn to sit down, relax, and ride without burning lots of extra energy. As this happens, your legs will realize they don’t need to squeeze the seat so much.

If you have really fat legs this will still help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, some people find some seats much more comfortable than others, but it’s not the same for everybody. Every major seat type out there has people who like it, though some are much more popular than the others.

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Why? There’s nothing on it. Long as I’ve been giving out newbie advice today I’ll add this one for all makers of web sites: Don’t invite us to look until there’s something there. :roll_eyes: