new rider tips

my friend just learned to ride about 40-50 ft and the only tips i could give was look up and sit up straight. any other tips?

Most importantly, keep most of your weight on the saddle not on the pedals:D

We missed Jackie and you out at Comfort, Kenny. Hope Martha is well.:slight_smile:

Have a look throuhg this site maybe -


Seat height adjusted properly - at bottom of pedal stroke with foot horizontal, leg should be straight (knee will remain slightly bent at bottom of normal pedal stroke)

No dangling shoelaces - can tangle in pedals and lead to much unpleasantness

Balls of the feet on the pedals - not arches or heels

Sit up straight

As much of your weight on the seat as possible - put enough on the pedals to control them, but don’t stand on them

Don’t look down

Don’t hold the seat, yet - keep hands free for balancing

If you are going down, abandon the unicycle and save yourself

The two steps of learning the unicycle:

  1. Get on the unicycle.
  2. Fall off the unicycle.
    Repeat 1) and 2) ad infinitum. The interval between them will gradually increase.

There is no more.

I disagree with that one - when I learnt I held my seat and it made me feel more comfortable, as soon as I learnt I let go but I think it benifited me holding the seat.

New rider tip

Give up now before its too late. Soon you will become addicted and you will be buying unicycles in all shapes and sizes. You will post all sorts of crazy messages on RSU, and you will become known in your town as the unicycle guy/girl. Everyone will always ask you “where’s the other wheel” and “why don’t you join the circus”. If you have made it 50 meters already there is little hope left for you- you’re almost hooked!

Re: new rider tips

thanks for the question mark