New rider success story (and a question about protective gear)

My 13 year old nephew got a 20" Torker for Christmas. I suggested to my
sister that he should expect to spend about 10+ hours before he was
comfortable riding any (significant) distance.

They live outside Las Vegas and came to visit me in Utah today. It turns
out that Ryan (my nephew) is quite a unicycle prodigy. He’s logged an
estimated 3-4 hours (about 2 hours on his torker and the rest on one of my
Schwinn 24" cycles) and he is already freemounting with about 50% success
and can ride 50m with consistency. He really impressed me when I asked him
if he wanted any help mounting. He replied that he didn’t because if he
had help he’d become dependant on it.

I was riding with him and I was practicing small hops up curbs when I
noticed he was trying to hop. In just a matter of minutes he was
succesfully making small hops without falling.

I predict that this kid is going to really excel.

I have the videos “One Tired Guy” and “Universe”. We watched both of them
today. When I put in “One Tired Guy” my sister’ss kids all chimed in
“We’ve seen this guy! He was on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”. Kudos to Kris
for his widespread appeal.

Well, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


p.s. I got some Lizard skins knee and elbow pads for Christmas. I wonder
if I should take the elbow pads back and get shin-guards. Also, are
most shin-guards integrated with a knee-pad or are they usually two
seperate pieces? I’m not sure what the “most” important protective
gear is for getting started in MUni.