New rider introduction + 2 newbie questions

Unicycling builds up the leg muscles to stabilise the knee which is otherwise completely dependent on ligaments. Ligaments are easily strained and cause pain. I had years of knee problems before I became a unicyclist but not any more. Similarly my lower back.

The best defence against the consequences an ageing body is exercise and uncycling is one of the most effective at building all round fitness.

I read this as I lay here, a mere 55 years old, resting my inflamed facet joint which can cause excruciating lower back pain at any random moment!

However, yes, unicycling, or any other “whole body activity” is good for overall fitness and core stability. On the other hand, all forms of cycling can cause tightness in the hamstrings which can then have a knock on effect on your lower back. It depends how far and how hard you ride, how much variety there is in your riding, and how much you warm up, cool down and stretch.