New rider in Tucson, AZ

New guy here in to hot Tucson, AZ.
Been riding for just a couple months now and having lots of fun! Started out on a $20 vintage Schwinn and soon needed a more stable uni to learn on… Found a Raleigh Unistar SE for a good price and so far it has been a great beginners ride.
The new uni was much easier to ride and I am progressing much faster… until I broke my toe!
(Broken toe not unicycle related )
Anyways, looking forward to meeting other riders and learning new skills! For now my dream muni is a Nimbus 27.5 Oracle…

Welcome to the forum, Necow. My only unicycling injury was breaking my toe. I managed to fall off the seat but land on the unicycle, then somehow the combined weight of me and the unicycle came smashing down on my toe. Freak accident. As a beginner, I tended to dismount and kick the ground with my shoe. If this is happening to you, think about wearing some shoes with a firmer toe box. Good luck! Keep practicing!

Just upgraded the seat and cranks on my uni (thanks!
Installed a Nimbus saddle - alot more comfortable and puts me in a better riding position.
Replaced the original 170 cranks with a set of 150s - feels better.
Surprised that a couple simple upgrades provide a lot more stability and control - I’m stoked!

Hi Necow

Welcome Necow!

I’ve got a 24 Oracle coming … the 27.5 sounds cool too, but too hard for me to have as a first unicycle IMO. How did you pick that size?

Well, I picked a 27.5 hoping it will be the best between a fast roller and more control over a larger wheel size. I used to be a Mountain biker and had both 26" bikes and a Trek 29er. I loved the 29er wheel size but always felt a little more in control with the 26… So, I’m thinking a 27.5 will be the best of both worlds!

Makes sense!

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