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k well we all know that this awsome sport is getting bigger and bigger, and we all know that the nebies ask the same questions. So what I am thinking is everyone posts something they think is impotant and then we keep this thread somewhere so that all the new guys can look at it first. This way we dont have to repeatedly answer the same question. I beleive this will benefit everyone and make life easier. and if enough people add to it, is there some way we could make it a stickie so it never leaves:D

keep your weight on the seat
make sure your tire is aired properly
look ahead, not down
if you start to fall forwards, pedal faster a little
if you start to fall backwards, backpedal a little

  1. New people - Never post a question before spending at least fifteen minutes searching, and reading, about what you were going to ask.

  2. If it’s not about unicycling, don’t post it in RSU.

  3. When asking questions - describe the relevant materials:
    If your question is about how to do a trick, don’t just ask for pointers. If you don’t tell us where you are, what similar tricks you can do, or what your specific problem is, you’re really asking for an a-to-z tutorial on the trick. Describe your unicycle, and your own size, if they are relevant to your question. If you’re trying to find where to get things, don’t forget to tell us what country you are writing from!

  4. Experienced and new people alike - Craft your subject line carefully. Does it give an accurate idea of what’s in the thread? Be specific!

  5. Last but not least - if your topic is of interest to five people or less, please remember that’s what email or IM is for. Please use the proper tools.

this is good now we need more people with more Ideas

  1. When using this forum, keep your language clean. Obscenities, profanities, and vulgarities do not add anything useful to the discussion.
  2. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, and if that gets boring, practice.
  3. Don’t assume you have to ride trials or MUni simply because that is what most people here do. Freestyle is also a valid option.
  4. If you want advice on learning something, post a video, if possible, as well as thouroughly describing what you are doing.

if you cant do something…

you need to practice it more… and more and more and more.

oh and street unicycling is the direction to go for.

it envelopes trials and freestyle.

A newbie is unlikely to know they have to come to this thread first…I can see a lot of newbie threads with the first reply directing them to this thread…

But to be not completely negative newbies go to for all the tips you need :smiley:

It’s called a FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. This is to Gilby, I think you should make a uni faq, because there area alot of newbs here, and it would be usefull for them. It’s been done on alot of other forums, and they work great. Whenever you see a thread that looks like it’s usefull, put it in the Faq. Make a coupel of sections like maybe, One could be the skill levels, and maybe hardware, trials, mountaine, freestyle, street etc. It would be a great asset to the site, and to new unciyclist, and we woudlnt’ have to answere the same questions over and over.

I know Gilby’s well aware of the FAQ concept, but I think he’s not interested in the major amount of time it takes to set up, populate, and update one.


I wonder if a forum area could be set up to contain FAQ-like information. To keep it useful, it would probably require moderators. Or perhaps, better yet, only consist of threads from here that a moderator/administrator considers worthy of being a FAQ topic. Then perhaps the thread titles could be edited into some sort of hierarchy of topics, to make things easier to track down. Something like “Equipment: Saddle: Handle” or “Basic Skills: Freemount: Rollback”

Re: new rider idea

“johnfoss” <> writes:

> I wonder if a forum area could be set up to contain FAQ-like
> information…

Seems to me the existing unicycling wiki []
is the way to go. All that’s required is for us to go there and write
the thing!

I say this based almost exclusively on my very positive, though
limited, experience reading the Wikipedia [].


I think two gentlemen have already done this, and a very nice job of it. You can find it here.