New Rider; First tricks???

Hey guys I’m a fairly new rider.

I can ride around forever go down curbs, go down hills and a little easy Muni stuff.

I am working on riding backwards and do ok at it.

Now that I have the basic riding down I was wondering what are the easiest tricks to learn first?

I have watched alot of the Youtube videos, so I’ve seen alot of tricks. I’m just wondering which I should start attempting first.

Edit: I’m working on hops too, though I prob only get 2 inches off the ground so far, lol.

it depends what kind of riding your into you could try erm
wheel walking
180 jump mounts then try unispins
learn to hop SIF (if you havnt already)
learn to ride 1 footed
wrap around
bigger drops
you could try riding along a pole or something
i dont no… but there are so many things you could learn :smiley:

and what uni are you riding?

Ya, I guess knowing nothing means… I could learn anything haha.
I’ll just have to keep practicing.

i think you should start with various differ mounts
jump mounts, 180 mounts ect
rolling 180 twists off little drops
jumping off objects
1 foot riding
180 unispins when u get more cofident
then go on to wheel walking and other freestyle tricks

Basically deside what style of riding you want to adapt to and start learning trick for that

eg. if you want to ride street and stuff learn tricks that envolve flips n stuff

if u want to learn trials focus on hopping and fine balance and drops

and freesyle learn trick that envolve moving the unicycle in diffferent ways

but have fun at the least and learn watever:D

How about iddle-ing would be useful… not an actual trick… but very useful.

Yeah that could be considered a trick somewhat. It does improve your balance somewhat. Also learning to SIF, SIB and SIS are also good too also. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

SIF = Seat In Front.
SIB = Seat In Back.
SIS = Seat In Side.

1footed riding…then leg wraps…then 180 unispins…then wheelwalk…then 360 unispins then crankflips