New Reaction

So my friend and I were just riding along the road today, practicing for our 20 miler Diabetes benefit ride next weekend, when this approaching bicyclist suddenly jumps off his bike, falls to his knees, yells “I totally bow down to you guys” and proceeds to bow down several times as we pass by. Whoa. We were flabbergasted. And pretty cracked up by the whole thing. That one kinda made the ride. :smiley:


I got a reaction like that when I was doing magic once. But the best reaction I’ve ever gotten while unicycling was some family getting into their car. Then they suddenly paused to watch me open-mouthed as I go by, then continuing getting into the car.


That was a great reaction! I got an interesting one yesterday, too.

I was at my friend’s house, trying out her new garage sale bargain uni (a Kenco 24, which I had never heard of before).

We were just standing in the street, waiting for a car to go by. Then a guy in a truck stopped, right in the middle of the street, and said to me, “You can’t really ride that, can you?”

I said, “Well, I can try.” So I hopped on and rode around the street a little.

He said, “You have my utmost respect. I just can’t believe you did that!” and drove on, shaking his head.

I wish all our audiences were that awestruck by those of us with slightly-less-than-astounding skills.

It was fun.


Positive reaction to Unicycles

This morning I was unchaining my Coker about to ride home with some friends:

Freind (female): Wow, Thats a big one. [looking at label on side of forks ‘Big One’]

Me: Thank you. Its nobbly as well… [Pointing at tire]

Friend: Ohhhh! [blushes pink and grins from ear to ear]

Rides of into the distance after perfect freemont (makes up for earlyer in the day when the first few were not so good).



In answer to “OOOH, thats a big one!” (from a girl) I use “I know, thats what all the girls say!”

That usually makes them go red.

Lol, I’ve got to get a coker.

Then most interesting reply (sort of) was when I was riding around my home town. That day, someone was having a party, so as I turned a corner, I come to see a professional clown unloading her equipment. She just sort of stared at me as I rode by, until she laughed and asked how hard it was.


Female: Hey, that’s a big one!
Unier: Well, thank you.
Female: Is it hard?
Unier: Only when I’m around you.
Female: Can I try to ride it?
Male: And not even take me out to dinner first?

The Moral: Uni’s ARE chick magnets!