New Quax disc brake frame

I’ve seen this on FB.

It seems that all brands are going to release disc brake products this year!

What do you think about this design? Nimbus one seems lighter.

More photos and larger version of above photo:

I do like the look of that brake rotor with the saw blade teeth. It doesn’t look very leg-friendly tho.

A question: do the uni disk riders feel like they end up coming into contact with the brake rotor much? Do your brake rotors get bent on stuff during UPDs? Does it make a difference between inboard or outboard disks?

i use the mountainuni system, outside of course and ride all the technical stuff with it, not sure if i get in contact with the rotor, because i wear high boot, but it’s no problem. sometimes the rotor bend a little bit, but i can get it straight with the hands easily… i think it’s not necessary to be inside at all…

Never used outboard.

Never hit my leg or foot on the disc, it’s just set into the frame too far and it’s not all that big, I’m far more likely to stick my foot in the spokes; fortunately I don’t have that problem either :wink:

The worst thing my rotor has hit would be a branch as I ride by a down tree or some bushes.

Honestly, the disc brake is far more protected than my Magura calipers, which have struck rocks on UPDs.

So Bryce, are you going to start importaing Magura disc brakes? Do you have much info on them, like which is more durable, etc… If you had disc brakes, I’d think you would get an influx of brake orders when the Nimbus hub is released.

Also looks like another 100mm disk hub.

The only discs I have here are the older raceline colored Gustavs from the 1990’s… They are big and powerful for downhill/freeride use, but total overkill for unicycling.
Because rim brakes only require maggie four bolt mounts on the frame (and don’t require a dished wheel and disc hub or special outboard crank and spider set up), I think there will always be uni riders wanting old school rim brakes . . . .


looks good, I like the look of the hub. Looks like 48 spokes, great for 32 spoke builds :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, and 100mm spacing, could be a nice hub.

The caliper mount is a bit “monsterous” looking, lots of metal, maybe that’s the prototype?

No, prototype was worse …

qu-ax disk brake prototype.jpg

Oh my… that is a scary prototype!