New Qu Ax Saddle for 2nd half of 2006

Its all on the website, similar to koxx one and new KH saddles read the spec, i really like it for trials and street, and when i do freestyle on my trials bike it works well. You might have already seen it but for those that haven’t heres the link

I just got that seat in the mail today!!

I haven’t been able to ride with it, but the foam is very similar to my regular Qu-Ax saddle that I cut the foam down on, but it has a slightly flatter profile. Pretty nice.

all that makes me think is that all unicycle companys are related. everything is similar, heck quax has a kris holm link on their page, they are definetly affiliated. If you seeone company come out with something, the next will ahve something exactly the same.

No, they aren’t the same. The reason has a link to KH website is because Qu-Ax is the distributer for KH unicycles in Europe.

True, the seat is a little like the new KH saddle, but it’s good for all street/trial seats to be low profile foam like that.

i’m gonna go ahead and believe in my head that quax has bought out Kris Holms Unicycles, but chooses to keep the name and Kris to do the advertising for them, its a great idea to keep around the best unicycler in the world as your advertising guy and no one is the wiser that quax owns KH Unicycle. Thats my spin on life, i’m wrong but i will believe it LOL


well also the qu ax version was out before the kh one which has only just came out its just i only just posted about it now.