New Qu Ax international cross over vid!

Hi guys,

been meaning to do this for while, it was meant to be a full on qu ax video of all the riders, but instead its just me and forrest, but still cool, hopefully we will do a proper one soon enough for now enjoy this relativlyy short one with some super smooth riding from Forrest and some short temper clips of me(the day after having no sleep the night before so i was stressed)


nice riding, smooth as a babys bum

well done

i liked the hops on the posts and the side wheel walking nonsence

smooth video guys

good work

nice video

Ok, the quality on the first one is very bad, so i have uploaded what is meant to be a higher quality video and it is visually but the sound quality has now gone, this is a learning curve for me as its my first time using adobe premiere, that explains having quite alot of effects in it

hey chavster, that was agreat video. i couldnt tell lucas but did you hickflip in one part? crazy. and forrest those stepover things are on my list of things to learn. great job to both of you it was a good video all around! nice job!

and im not bitter at all that qu-ax didnt sponsor me…not at all…:frowning:

yh was hickflip first and only at the minute but atleast got it on cam and before i said that people would have thought i can do them.

theres always next year for the sponsorship, keep pumping out those wkd videos and im sure ull spark some interest.

great video


Well Champ, you’ve done it again. You have mad skills and the hickflip was poetry in motion. I look forward to seeing your next video…
Forrest, your riding is smooth and your tricks are great.
Qu-ax have a strong team in both of you.

Keep up the good work,


HEy! Haha, I didn’t know you posted it… I was going to film more stuff for it. But whatever, I don’t care, I’ll just make another video later. :slight_smile:

A change of subject slightly…

Who else rides for Qu-ax? How come they ain’t in the video? Anymore Qu-ax videos planned from any of them?


there is an Austrian called Alex
and i think 2 Koreans

It is very difficult for me to co ordinate and organise getting clips off everyone as i am busy with other things, also i dont have contact for the koreans, maybe we will get a chance to do a proper qu ax video during unicon

Well, you don’t have to do it all yourself you know. I’ll edit the next one, depending on when/if we do it.

that would be much appreciated only reason i wanted to do this one was cos i had this new program and wanted to use it,

cheers dudes, lets get some feedback then

Lucas, that is great riding, love the hickflip. Forrest, your riding is as smooooth as something really smooth.

Great video, nice first editing with Adobe Lucas.


cheers dudes nice comments

amanda, I am so grateful for the videos that demonstrate skill levels. Thank you. When the gallery was unavailable I really missed them and would like to know how I can get a copy of my own in case the site goes down again.

very nice video, there were a lot of awesome tricks but next time don’t use so many clips in reverse because it gets annoying and some times can be hard to tell if they actually did it backwards or not. keep it up!