New purple uni, need seat cover

Ok, i got my frame and cranks powder coated a sexi shinny purple. It looks lush, ill post pics probably tommorow.

But, what I need a is a purple colored seat. There is no way people sell purple seat covers so i thought ill get my mum to make one:D

Is there a template for the Kh fusion freeride seat cover that I can use. Also what materials would you recommend.

Thanks for your time.

No clue about making one but heres two other ideas.
Get a black seat cover (probably the easiest)
or really hard: buy some sort of purple seat from K1 if they make them

Im in the Uk so it hard to get koxx products:( and i already got one but i accidently brought the green one :angry: this was a few months ago :angry:

Oh that sucks. Did you make the mistake or did the supplier do it. Yeah thats what i meant about the hardness of that option.

I made the mistake:(

not really

Oh ye, i dont really want to buy a new seat as I just brought a new one a few months ago. But it could be an idea

You could just have a unicycle that looks like Barney:)

Disect your green saddle cover and use it as a template and buy some purple fluffy fabric.

I think you know where im going with this…

Have fun!

Rock on!

That’d be what I would do! Purple is a pretty outrageous color, and with a green seatcover!.. I’d be unstoppable! I think that’s by far the best idea so far (haha, not because of barny, though)

Ummmmmm, purple and fluffy:P I think thats an amazing idea. Need to go to town now:D

Barny :astonished: I remember him:D But the green saddles to dark.

any pics yet?

You can get these in purple or in any other color/mixes. Black and purple, purple and purple etc.

Instead of dissecting your beautiful new green seat, maybe you could use some really really good glue to put purple fluff on. It would have to be kind of like a rug, the bottom of the purple fluff would need to be somewhat solid. That said, I think your purple theme sounds pretty cool.:slight_smile: