New Project: Thicker, Better BC plates With Grind plate!

Well, my old BC plates are beginning to bend, and I also ordered a trials BC wheel so I needed some new plates, the new ones are basically the same as the old ones just this time I used .083 wall thickness vs. the old .035 .

I’m almost positive that these new ones WILL NOT bend, they are hella thick.

Also I plan on grinding some handrails in my next movie so I decided to toss on a grind plate because I doubt the bare plate would slide well, if at all.

Trouble was I wanted something removable, but with the meal I had I didn’t see how I could make that work, so I took some 14G mild steel and cut out a little grind plate…I had to settle for permanent attachment, so I just tack welded the plate to the bottom of the platform.

Heres the link to the gallery with more pics:

And here are some pics of your too lazy to go to my gallery:

Reseized pic 1.JPG

Another Pic:

resized pic4.JPG

Thats some nice stuff man, great design. You probably could sell those.

You should paint 'em, they have a really cool industrial look, but if they were painted (well) they’d be awesomely professional. Then put some grip tape over the parts where your feet would contact so you don’t wear the paint away on those parts from standing on it. Awesome plates, if they even are that anymore.

they’re awesome, I bet they’re sooper light too.

I will consider making them forsale if someone woul dlike a pair. the price will be hihg, around 80-90 US. They are extremly light, id say about 1/2 pound each. Also if they are made out of the .083 they are unbendable.

Well, i spiffed my new plates out with ORANGE FREAKING GRIP TAPE!

Plates spiffed out wiht grip tape 009.JPG

cool, too bad u didn’t put the tape on straight…
but those are sick plates!!! or lack thereof lol

you should make them a wee bit wider if you wanna sell them

good luck w/ the smaller wheel, it’ll do you good :smiley:


They look nice… I’d just think yu want them wider and possibly longer

and why no plate on the top?

The plate on the bottom is for gridning, a plate on the top would be a waste of metal/weight. i like the skinny plates, they dont affect my riding one bit, they are lighter, and it puts my weight further in and seems to keep me more blallanced then with wide plates.

And this time I welded them myself, I was pretty suprised at the quality and penetration of the welds. I think there pretty damn strong.

THey look great. Good job!

I am oging to try and break them this week, see what they cna hold up to, i found a good 4.5ft drop to do, some handrails, and some stairs, il try and film is so if i like burry my foot in the ground because my plate flys off.

anyone want a pair?

doesn’t the axle bolt destroy your ankles?

“doesn’t the axle bolt destroy your ankles?”

“The axle looks like it would hit you in the ankles, too.”

"but you probably could hurt your ankles "

“then the axle will totally rip open your ankle”

The axle as never once touched my ankles.

How do you like that rim?

Well Im not Evan, but I know it cut his finger open:D

Yes, yes it did cut my finger open, it bled alot, and also i dont like the fact that a 3" drop can flat spot it, i mean im nto good at truing wheels but i think i did a ok job, and it still flat spoted on a 180 off a curb

A little higher air-pressre might be the answer to that? :slight_smile:

Im kidding, it wasnt 3", it was proly around 3ft