New Profiles...and They're CROOKED!

So I spent this morning helping a friend rebuild his wheel with his new Profile hub, and we get to the last step – installing the pedals – when to our dismay we see the pedal slanting off at a really odd angle. At first we wondered if the pedal axle was bent, but since it had been straight when we began, we examined things more closely and noticed that the crank was made incorrectly. The threaded sleeve (?) that the pedal screws into was welded onto the crank perpendicular to the crank shaft, and not parallel to the hub splines. So the pedal sticks out crooked. Ugh!! There went today’s ride.

Even worse, now we have to figure out how to get the darn crank off to change it. It forces on via a large nut, but the instructions aren’t very clear on how to pull it (and of course, it doesn’t have a neat self-extracting feature like the Onza). Anyone have any tips for taking these things off?

First I’ve heard of defective Profiles. Hope this isn’t the start of a trend!


Ok, I tried to post a picture, but it didn’t work. How do I add a pic?


Ok, here’s the picture. Thanks, Mango!

Very strange indeed!

It looks like the pedal spindle is bent. Are they new pedals?

Also make sure that you don’t put the pedal on cross-threaded. If the pedal threads get cross-threaded you will damage the threads on the crank and ruin the crank.

Steve - thanks for posting the pic. Any idea what I did wrong?

John - The pedal’s straight, spindle and all, and not cross-threaded. When you look at it in person, you can see the portion of the crank that receives the pedal threads is welded in crooked. The guy must’ve been hungover that day.

Is there any trick to removing the crank?


You can use the Evercraft bearing puller that sells. Here is a thread with an attached picture showing how the bearing puller can be used to pull off the Profile cranks: removing Profile cranks

New Profile cranks fit very tight on the axle and will be difficult to remove. After the cranks have been used for a while the splines get looser and the crank will be easier to remove. After a while you’ll be able to remove the cranks by hand without the use of the Evercraft bearing puller. Since you have a brand new crank it may be quite difficult to pull the crank off.

jerry- I’ll pitch in half on the crank puller with steve. The performance guys couldnt get one of my cranks off and they still need to be rotated. -e :slight_smile:

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Like John Childs thought, the photo makes it look like the pedal is the problem.

I had a new set of Profile 145’s with the same problem. It wasn’t as obvious as your’s just by looking at it but it sure was while riding. I called Profile, they exchanged them with no problem whatsoever.
They even took care of the shipping.
Just give them a call.

  • Frank

That has to be due to the angle of the photo. It’s a two dimensional photo trying to show a three dimensional bend. The photo makes it look like the pedal is bent. But if you force your mind to say “the pedal is straight, what is the bend in the third dimension to create that perspective” and then you can get an idea of what is wonky.

That is weird that you also got a crank with the same problem. I would have thought Profile had better QC than that.

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