New Price - Nimbus II with KH Flat Rim

I am highly motivated to sell the uni I posted here Nimbus II 20" with KH Rim

As near as I can tell it’s this rim:

I found this thread looking for tires that would fit this uni which has some input on using a 20" uni for street/flat:

My lowest price is

$150 for the Unicycle including extra set of cranks + shipping
$175 + shipping with the tools included.

Exact shipping is hard to say until I have the measurement of the boxes but the 29" was $45 from California to Indiana and the 24" was $25 from Sacramento to San Diego.

I think this is a give away price, if you feel otherwise, feel free to explain why you think it’s worth less. Feel free to debate it here in public since I just want a fair price for it.

Honestly I though this uni would be the first of my 3 unis to sell. A hybrid freestyle/flat/street uni that:

~Many kids would not grow out of and has a nice beefy looking tire/rim
~Would hold up to learning beginning flat/street/trials until a stronger more specific Uni was needed
~A tougher than freestyle uni for an adult for general riding, doing drops off of even tall curbs, riding down stairs, etc. (what I wanted)

Contact Eric via PM, or 5304092433 txt or call

The unicycle is sold.