NEW PRICE - "New" Nimbus Oracle 24" Muni, includes additional new tyre (Hookworm)


I bought this uni a couple of years ago intending to try muni, but never did.

I have tested it once for a few minutes on the back yard, but could not get on with the width of the tyre, so back in the box it went.
Apart from a bit of light scuffing on the plastic bumpers (not the saddle) due to it’s brief outing , the uni is absolutely as new, and has not been out of the box since.

Fitted “Duro Wildlife tyre”, also includes “Hookworm tyre”. Both as new and virtually unused…


Selling for £240 which includes, “Duro Wildlife tyre”, “Hookworm tyre”. and UK insured courier delivery.

Nimbus 24

Hi, I sent you PM but not sure if it went through as don’t see it in “sent”. Please PM me of you haven’t got it.

Sorry, but as I said in my reply, I will only ship to the UK.
Thanks for your interest.

Oracle 24" still for sale - Now includes “new” Hookworm tyre

The Oracle is still for sale.
Will include Hookworm tyre (Used for around 20 minutes and no visible wear).

NEW PRICE - “New” Nimbus Oracle 24" Muni, includes additional new tyre (Hookworm)

NEW PRICE - £240 including extra tyre and insured regular UK postage.


I was just wondering if this is still for sale by any chance?

Me too!
I’m based in Paris but travel often to the UK where I have friends.

Still for sale?

Hi, just wondering whether this is still for sale? Tried sending a PM but does not appear in my sent folder, so not sure if it got through to you.

Sent you a PM joggerdude

i’ll be in the UK for a while —> just sent a PM!
Let us know if sold.