New Preview!!!

Hi y’all.

Thats right, us crazy Hamden kids have been up to no good again. check out our new hitchcock-esque preview and tell us what you thinnk.

Rock, Peace, Love and the lack of a second wheel,

So where was the unicycling?

  • Sal

Thats right! Us from Hamden again! BWAHAHAHAHASTINKINHA!!! Yet another trailer WITHOUT UNICYCLING@!!! HAHAHHAHA.

Get used to it. We’ll release the video soon.


I must say I enjoyed this trailer. I was one of the viewers who was rather annoyed at the first trailer due to its lack of unicycling content, I won’t lie. The reason I like this trailer which lacks (virtually) any unicycling is because I wasn’t expecting any (Sal’s comment). This freed me to then appreciate the other aspects of the video and not rely on cool moves for entertainment.

Great music guys, where did you find it? Nice video effects, angles and composition. It’s definitely being kept on the harddrive (which is quite a complement considering I only have 1.5% of my 40GBs remaining). Also, good call filming on a cloudy day – not sure if this was intentional but it avoided all of the scenes in previous videos where we saw nothing but silhouettes.

I’m looking forward to the full video.


P.S. (editing the post to add this) Guys, if you can, you should clean your website up… if nothing else, fix it so the stylesheet isn’t tacked onto the bottom of the page. Have fun.

Yeah, I actually wasn’t expecting unicycle content and I enjoyed the filming. I wanted to warn those with limited bandwidth and unicycling expectations. I do, however, hope to see some unicycling in the final version of the film.

  • Sal

Please warn me next time you release a video with only 1.5% of actual unicycling on it. I don’t know if you’ve got a cable modem or something, but that took me quite a while to download only to realise that I could have been downloading something with actual unicycling in it.


Wow, someone crying over 4 megs?

That takes a while for me. I just didn’t see the first movie, so I didn’t know to expect no unicycling.


sorry guys, we’ve sort f started a slight tradition here where we create hilarious previews (which have no unicycling) and then we make an awsome unicycling film. the music was from Hitchcock’s mission impossible theme song. hoped you all would have liked it. the REAL kicker should be done by the end of this weekend coming up. meanwhile, i’ll be looking for some more good music. give me some sugestions, if you want.

lateral! -jon

Thanks for all your commentary! Next time we will warn the public about the lack of unicycling in our video. Thanks to anybody who was able (despite its lack of unicycling) to enjoy it.
What is a “stylesheet”?


That was fun; most of what Max tried to get of me involved him asking ‘ok, tell me when you’re ready’, and me devolving into a quivering mass of Jello. The difference? You pressed play and set it to music. Fun! :slight_smile:


Sorry about what I said before, if I’d have been up to date with r.s.u I’d have known. So what sort of riding can I expect in the actual movie? I eagerly await it.


Everything in the video will be street trials. Our last video which can be found on had some off road and a little freestyle in it but what with the weather up here in CT we had to limit the amount of that that we did. Snow really makes it hard to do any wheel tricks and such so… mostly trials.
We have 4 riders in the upcoming film. We’d like to have more! I know there is some real talent in the Northeast and if anybody is interested in contacting us we’re sure we can get you in our next film.
It looks like, for now, we’ve decided to instead of releasing one big video (say 20 minutes) release a bunch of small ones. That way we never have a big project on hand and we can always release whatever we filmed last time we rode.


I’m planning to make a movie of my own in the next few months. One thing that I think makes videos shot on a video camera so much better than those shot on a digital still camera (or at least most of them) is that they have more frames per second. That’s one thing I don’t like about the videos that my camera takes.


Congrats man. Making a good movie is a big comitment. I end up spending a lot of time editing and so much time filming. Out of hours of filming, we’ll get maybe a minute or two of good footage. I personally prefer the use of digital cameras, because it makes the uploading of footage to a computer just that much eaiser.

Live hard, ride hard,

yeah im a little late on all of this but that 1st video was pretty cool, just thought you should know.:smiley: