new powdercoated frame. guarenteed coolness

check ma hot new frame

finally got it and it is sweet


sweet mother of all things uni that is a sexy frame. < I am green and juicy with envy


Hey, Gary managed to do it! Was it Gary’s doing? It looks lovely. :slight_smile:


what kind of frame is that?


I would love to see that uni fully assembled.

redneck hotness!!! two thumbs up! :smiley:

Yeah, sweet frame tomsey!

I wanna see a pic of the uni assembled


Wow! Very nice paint job! How do people get powdercoated camo? Is it done by hand?

makes me want to get my muni painted bomb shell green

thats just down right awesome!

What are all you guys talking about, I couldn’t see anything, it must be camoflaged or something.

haha You beat me to the punch, beautiful frame.


Trial combat uni

Your uni would fit in here without a problem!

I think it’s a Summit. runs to get uni Yup. It’s got the indentation at the top of the frame. I would love to get mine powercoated, just for a change of pace, but I’m not done loving the orange yet.

OMG that has to be the coolest frame ive ever seen! :astonished:

haha. thats cool, i want to get mine like…rainbow or something. or like…have smiley faces all over it. remind you, i am a girl, and now a gay guy. bwahahaha

To bad its a summit.

what’s wrong with summits???
i know they’re the illegitimate brother of the KH’03 uni’s… but why is it “too bad…”??