New Poster/ Rider :)

Hey everyone I just started riding a unicycle because of my brother about a month ago and its pretty awesome. I am adjugglers sister by the way and will be posting from time to time. :slight_smile:

  • I am the legs lol

well welcome to the forums!

Is this some kind of test to see how many men you can get after you? We’ve had similar situations before lol.

I don’t think she ment it that way ^^. I’m her brother by the way, she said she was trying to put in a picture that didn’t have her face. She believes the world is out to get her like that. :roll_eyes:

Hmm, bare feet and metal pedals - not my idea of comfort.


ya now that you have posted a pic of 1/2 of youself we are all cuiros to see the second half
and what are you skills up till now

Nice username

dont worry about all these horny posters… :stuck_out_tongue: are you like very new to unicycling, can you ride it? or do some tricks? :slight_smile:

Oh, I thought you were the unicycle…

that made me laugh out loud. then my family gave me a strange look.

same here :smiley:

I’ve been told by the general public that unicycling is gay, so I thought if I found a female unicycle, that would solve my problem, but wha’ eva’.

That’s a good one my friend. :smiley:

I am 13

Welll I ride around pretty well and have just started on jumping as for tricks i tell some jokes

nice now you need to beat your bro!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

you know , i was going to post something about all the dudes here, and the funny site of them leaping for like a fish hatchery, at the site of a girl…

but i wont

Hi … Hows it going… and i agree, you should try and kick your brothers butt…

i mean, its always funny to see a sister woop up on a brother

Yeah ok big brother. : rolleyes :roll_eyes:

Ha yeah i will.:smiley: