New Pöham-Brothers Video: Lorenz and Raphael {Flat}




Enjoy! and comment ;D


really nice video! sick editiing and the 720/720 :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

where is eli?

er wollt nit mittien ;D

in english: he didnt want to join :roll_eyes:

Because i filmed this trick in the beggining of the video, and didnt had other good clips, so i thought this was a clean 720, and i put it :roll_eyes:

i liked it! sooo clean;)

Nice video. Filming and editing was awesome. The riding is nice too, but it could be nicer. Too much flatland :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome video
really liked the editing and the tricks
one foot treyflip :astonished: ^^

Hoi Pöhams

fett gemachter den Film.

Die Szene wo der Lorenz auf´m Dach ist und sich selber applaudiert is voll witzig(echt klasse) :smiley: und vieles andere halt au

weiter so Jungs :wink:

Wow that was really good. Raphael you’re amazing and Lorenz is getting crazy too.

Wow, this is sooo sick. Awesome creative stuff by both you. Raphael you’re so good at editing now, it makes the video even better. Lorenz is improving a ton tooo.

The edit was perfect.

I’m completely shocked by the backrollflip-sideways coast. I just can’t understand it.

You guys own. Please keep making sick videos.:stuck_out_tongue:

Editing is really awesome guys…what software do you use raphi? loved the huge coast, early caught flip down the set and the creative flatland :slight_smile: awesome video to watch!

thank you guys for your comments!

I’m using FinalCut Express;)

this video is amazing, seriously one of my favorite right now. good job Raphael and Lorenz!!!

Wow not even 2 pages yet (until this post). This vid is too awesome to not get a ton of comments.

:slight_smile: i really like watching it. i’ve watched it serveral times now. :smiley: