New Pink Trials Cycle & Chick Magnet Shirt

Check em’ out!

NIMBUS PHANTOM HOPPLEY (hot pink trials cycle!)


I get the feeling that could either work, or do the oposite.

That is an awesome shirt! the uni should have pink pedals though.

i want that shirt.

i would be in for the uni, if the frame was a nimbus round crown instead.

I am buying that shirt soon.

Thank you. =p

Better than the original Unicycle = = Chick magnet from years ago.

Can’t wait till mine gets here. UDC, you’ve regained my loyalty with one shirt.

at over $100 postage to where i am i think i will pass. unless someone can arrange something with me.

I asked for the shirt for Christmas. Just to let anybody know, the Hoppley is an outstanding unicycle. I have it. The shirt rocks.


Shipping is $10, so thats almost a $30 shirt. :frowning:

You can always order by phone and have them ship USPS which is much cheaper, I believe.

This wouldn’t be some scheme to load off some old cranksets, would it?

Its 12 to ship the shirt here but only 20 to ship the unicycle and shirt.

I emailed them about the shipping, I have heard that they will send small stuff through usps.

the front needs some better photoshoping, it doesnt really look like the bird is on the uni, the feet dont even grip the seat… i like the back tho, not so much the front.

Yeah, I could do a better job.:smiley: Still like it a lot though. It is the best shirt they have.

The tshirt is fantastic.

Lol, very cool.

definitely :slight_smile: shoot us an email with your shipping address and we’ll see what we can do with USPS. UPS shipcosts are way too high for smaller items, but at current UPS is the only shipper that works with our web setup.

we’ll be adding some different pedal options today, including a pink pedal option! the pink pedals aren’t the exact pink of the cycle, but they look hot on the cycle! :slight_smile:

And jack up the price because it is pink? $500! Wasn’t the green one from a few months ago only $400? I don’t think the green one had a green rim, but that, the color, and not getting a “free” shirt are the only diffrence, does it cost $100 to paint a rim (oh, and put pedal protectors on).
I would understand the price if the pink saddle cover was standard on it and didn’t mark the price up another $25.

EDIT: The old one was $365