New Pic of Seat Rails setup and a Question.

I just got my new rails from Darren and i had origionally bought them for my Trials but since they weigh a billion pounds im gonna get one of the old Black KH frames that Darren has and put the setup on My Muni.

Heres the Picture

My question is about the positioning of the seatpost rail clamp on the rails, wheres the best spot for it. You can see in my pic that mine is setup near the back…Will that cause me any troubles? And if so, where is the optimal place for it to be?


Thanks guys


Wherever it feels most comfortable, thats the whole point of having rails. It takes a fair bit of experimentation with seat height, tilt and slide before you find the optimum.

Ok thanks…I just didnt want to have any trouble with where they were…It feel pretty comfy right where they are.

That’s true, however you will be much less likely to bend the rails if you position the seatpost in the middle of the rail, this is because there will be two short bits of rail front and back rather than one long bit of rail at the front, the short bits of rail are less likely to bend - simple structural engineering.

Unlike a bike the seatpost of a unicycle is not fixed at set angle so we don’t need the front/back adjustment that rails provide.

This may take a little thinking about, but you should find that you can get the seat into exactly the same position relative to the ground and hub with the seatpost in the middle of the rails as you can with the seatpost at the back - it just requires a bit of trial and error.


When Darren put mine on, he said it should be in the middle.

Thanks for all the advice…After seeing that other thread bout the guys bent rails i decided to move them up a bit and now its just about middle slightly closer to the back. I dont have money for another rail setup just because i wanna be stubborn. Thanks again guys.