New pic of "camo'd" helmet

Lots of spare time on my hands this afternoon, so I decided to sand, prime and paint my original gloss black (yuk!) helmet the same camoflage scheme as my muni. Here’s apic. It came out pretty good!:smiley:


And another view. :sunglasses:


That looks awesome!

that is sooooo cool.!

nice work!!

Thanks. It’s really easy to do too!

how did you do that, it looks so awesome

Basically the same way I camo’d my muni. I start with light sanding so the paint will stick better, then apply a coat of “etching” primer. Then the camo base coat goes on, in this case dark brown. Then I cut random squiggly holes in a piece of paper, then shoot the 2nd camo color (“khaki”) through the holes at random,then the 3rd and final coat, (med. brown) is sprayed through the holes as before. After it drys, I spray a couple coats of FLAT clear on it. Oh I also made a “muni” stencil for the front & bACK for fun. After it’s all dry I lightly smooth it all out with 4-0 steel wool, and that’s it!:smiley:

nice, thats gone on my list of things to do right after i make a motorbike and just before i buy my koxx one muni.

very hot! anyways there goes my plans of making my own camo helmet :stuck_out_tongue: maybe go for Snow Camo, or Pink Camo :stuck_out_tongue:

snow camo would look insane!

might do my muni (bike) helmet in white/blue/gray camo and my trials/street (skate) helmet in white/pink/grey-pink camo :stuck_out_tongue:

That is awesome!! My helmet is filled up with stickers…

That is awesome!! My helmet is filled up with stickers…

nice helmet!

so whenever you aren’t tuning pianos do you unicycle because it seems like you sure have a lot of free time. The helmet looks really good.

Well, I tune and repair pianos full-time, but that really means only about 4-6 hours a day, with most weekends off, so yeah, I have lots of time to ride, which I love! Be watching for our LATEST MUNI VIDEO which I’ll post tomorrow.Should be the best yet and features a whole bunch of great kids from OC uni, whojoined us for their very first Muni spectaular on some very technical trails saturday!

It will just make me sad because I couldn’t come:( /tear.

I can probably come MUniing with you!

snow camo would be awsome