New photos (and video clips) for all to see

Hi all, sorry to create a new thread for this, but the topic would otherwise end up at the bottom of several other old ones.

I’ve just uploaded a large new batch of pictures for all to see. This includes Photoshopped pictures from MUni Weekend, our scenic San Francisco Coker tour in September, some of the Berkeley Juggling/Unicycle Festival, and our big Group MUni rides at Northstar and the Dirty Harry trail.

My video clips are now included! Dating back to 2002 or so, there are now some video clips sprinkled throughout the albums as well. There are lots of jumping-into-the-water shots from the last day of MUni Weekend, and many others.

See a list of all the new albums (there are others) here:

Individual albums:

MUni Weekend:

Scenic San Fran Coker tour:

Northstar and Dirty Harry:

Berkeley Juggling/Unicycle Festival:

If you see something you like, you can order prints up to 30 x 40". Please help yourselves, and help support my photography habit. :astonished:

Sweet, thanks john!

John, I really enjoyed the pics of San Fran.
“One of these days…” :wink:

I also really liked the san fran pics, that looked like a fun trip. There were some cool looking cokers in there…the orange hunter frame, and the green rimmed one were the ones that caught my eye. What is Nick Brazzi doing all the way out in California?

Edit: How bad did those famous san fran hills hurt your knees?

Definitely worthy of a new thread. The Californian Muni Weekend ones were my favourite. Nice trials course too, it’s great to see some natural obstacles (ie. logs straight out of the forest, not round) in a man-made course.

Who designed the muni weekend logo? I like it.

I wish I could see the videos, they look great, but I’m having plugin problems with Firefox.


John, I LOVE this picture of me. Also the Northstar groupshot was awesome.

I DEFINETELY am NOT missing the San Fran trip next time

those are by far the best pics of muni weekend!!!
theres even a picture of the cliff i fell off!