New personal best

The Bacon Slicer:Uni: 700c x 23mm (that’s a skinny 28")
110 psi tyre.
114 mm cranks.
No gears, no brake.
Standard Miyata saddle.

The Fule:
44 years old.
154 pounds (11 stone) or maybe a bit more.

The ride:
1 hour exactly
10.9 miles (17.54 km)
Average speed, er… 10.9 mph (17.54 kph)
Top speed 13.3 mph (21.4 kph) (very briefly)
No UPDs.

The pain:
I leave that to your imagination.

The GPS only measures distance travelled in 1/10 of a mile. That is, the increments are 176 yards, or 162 metres. In fact, I only had to ride another dozen or so wheel revs for the 11 miles to click up, so I know it can be done…

If it hadn’t been for the strong wind, the dog not on a lead, the car that cut me up, the roller-blading child who fell over in my path, the Canada geese all over the path, the jogger who ran towards me pointing and shouted, “Where’s the back end of your bike?”, and the distractingly attractive female jogger who nearly saw me fall off.

good job!

That new broadband must have made you faster. :sunglasses: