New Pedals.

So I got some new pedals today, because I wanted something nicer than what came with my DX.

Limited Edition Fluorescent Yellow Jim Cielencki’s.

I have ridden them on a friends mountain bike before and I absolutely loved them, so I thought I would get a pair for my Unicycle.


do they glow in the dark aswell?

Pretty much… they don’t but… they’re so bright you can see them in the dark pretty easily.

So I just rode them for like 10 minutes.

They are much easier to move your feet around on, more comfortable. They cover the whole bottom width of my foot instead of having part of my shoe hanging off.

ahh it hurts my eyes to look at them

jim celinski is one bad ass dude. his pedals dont look bad either.

those would look freaking sweet during a treyflip or something

Here’s a pic I took of a Seattle area rider’s pedals. I think they’re the same color…way bright!


Or long exposure pictures, you could see exactly what is happening with the pedals.

Those are the same yes.

Could please post a link to where these are available? I can’t seem to find them online. thanks!:smiley:


They have other colours too. Not sure if the one I linked to is the same as mine though, it looks more yellow and less green. Mine are really green/yellow fluorescent in person.

the only thing that I can imagine that wouldn’t be so great about those pedals is the pins aren’t that long. I personally love pins being as long as possible.

I hate that, I like to be able to move my feet around a little.

Trials_Uni gave me a pair of Axiom Double Jump Flats… I don’t like them, the pins are like 20 feet long, can’t move my feet on them at all.

here’s a website with some of the strangest pedals I’ve seen, but still pretty cool! :sunglasses:

I should get those spider web pedals for Dumpweed.

I like the color combo with the red DX cranks. Makes me think of the coral snake rhyme
Red touch yellow, kill a fellow
Red touch black, friend of Jack

You’ve got red touching yellow. That unicycle is poisonous. :slight_smile:

It looks way nicer in person.

The yellow logo goes perfect with the pedals I think.

Oh, I want to get those for my unicycle. Except, I was hoping it would be more yellow then yellow/green, to match the yellow parts on my Qu-Ax trials…

File the pins down if they’re too long. You can also file down the edges of the pins or file down the threads to reduce the grip.

I was thinking about it, but then there is the fact that I’m lazy.

Plus these new pedals, the whole platform is larger than the Axiom’s and my Wellgo’s.

Those greenish yellow pedals are glow in the dark. It’s an older special edition color. Different than the fluorescent yellow pedals.

BTW, if anyone really likes the fluorescent yellow (or any other special edition color) you should consider buying two pairs cause once a special edition color is sold out it is gone for good. That’s why they’re special edition colors.