New Pedals

I just broke my plastic pedals that i took from my old generic uni and put on my onza (i wasnt using the ones the onza came with because of the deathly spikes and i dont have shin gaurds). I was wondering if I could by plastic pedals that are regulary used for a bike and put them on my Uni. I tried putting my plastic mongoose pedals from my bike on the onza but they were too small. Also what size are the onza pedals?


you can use plastic pedals…but they’ll break. again. and again. assuming you’re using them for trials/street riding, that is, which is what most people use Onza’s for. so, you should just use the Onza pedals with deathly spikes, and instead of buying new plastic pedals, buy new 661 shin guards.

Ya i was thinking about that (getting 661) but right now i just want to get some pedals from a local bike store because i am meeting some other unicyclists on sunday (so i need them quickly).

If i want to do pedal/crank grabs and grinding on the onza pedals should i remove the pins?