New pedals

I picked up a new set KORE of pedals on ebay. I will surely always wear my 661’s with these. These pedals have a larger platform than my Wellgo’s but weigh about the same. Take a look at the size of those pins :astonished:

kore pedals.jpg

That’s sweeet. But they’re not platform pedals, doesn’t that make them a bit weaker?

They look great for muni, how much did you pay for them? Hmmm. they look like they would be even better for grinds if you took all the pins of of one side. What do you plan on using them for?

They do have wicked long pins. :slight_smile:

The pins are small in diameter and are prone to bending or breaking. You don’t want to do any pedal grabs with them and you’ll want to avoid banging them on rocks. The skinny pins are however quite grippy.

I tried the higher end Kore Elite Platform pedals a couple years ago. They have a combination of needle bearings and cartridge bearings inside. Neat in concept, but horrible for durability. The needle bearings blew out after only a couple of months of muni riding. The worst experience I had with a pedal. They sucked. Now they’re just expensive paper weights. They were very grippy and I used them for a couple months of Winter riding in the mud. The grip was great even in the mud. The little pins ate into my shoes.

Under no circumstances should anyone ever try the Kore Elite Platform pedals. They won’t hold up to even light muni abuse.

The Kore Race Platform pedals that you got have ball bearings and won’t suffer the catastrophic needle bearing failure that my more expensive Kore Elite pedals suffered. You should be good. Just watch out for those pins.

I’ll be using them for MUni and only paid $28 including delivery

According to the reviews that I’ve read, they’re suppossed to be pretty strong and hold up quite well

Thanks for the info. I did some research on a pedal review site I found at (I believe?) and they got a pretty high rating.
The Wellgo’s that I’m currently using are only a few months old and are built with loose ball bearings and have already started to creak so I had to disassemble and lube them:(
I’m hoping to get some good service out of these

It is normal to have to fiddle with and regrease pedals with loose ball bearings. They don’t come with much grease on them from the factory (they spin better when they don’t have much grease). If they get used for muni or trials out in the elements (dirt and water) they will need to be regreased even after just a couple months of use.

When I regrease pedals with loose ball bearings I stuff them full with a lot of grease. The extra grease keeps dirt and water away from the ball bearings and you’ll be able to go longer between regreaseings.

So sealed is worth the extra money?

Yes and no.

Sealed pedals still require maintenance. You have to watch the condition of the sealed bearings. You still need to grease the axle shaft of sealed pedals. If one of the bearing blows up (literally falls apart) you are SOL till you can get home and replace the bearing. Sealed pedals generally don’t hold up as well to pedal grabs as unsealed pedals.

Unsealed pedals can be more durable than sealed pedals, especially if you’re using them for trials. The unsealed loose ball bearings will not blow up (fall apart) like sealed bearings can. Unsealed pedals are just more of a pain to rebuild and regrease.

For trials riding I think unsealed pedals are better. They’ll hold up better and you won’t have to worry about a sealed bearing falling apart.

So, would you reccomend buying sealed for intense muni, or not… If not, then what the heck are sealed pedals good for?

I use sealed pedals for muni. I don’t do pedal grabs with the muni and I use high quality sealed pedals (Atomlab Aircorps).

Sealed pedals are also good for Coker riding.

I’m currently using sealed Snafu pedals (old style) on my trials uni. They’ve been working fine for me. Unsealed would probably hold up better though.

What makes a pedal a platform pedal?