New paint, some aerobars, and some bar tape

I painted my 36er frame and T7 green, added some aerobars, and put on some bar tape. It’s all shinny (not really) and new.

Looks good

Where did you get those bar ends? they look much longer and with a better curve than the ones I have on my T7.

Green is such a good colour.

well done. Careful on the UPD. Not sure from the pictures, but if those bars react anything like my suicide bars, you might get hung up in the knee area if you go off the front and end up in a not so desirable face plant situation.

otherwise, very nice work and I’m liking the look of that frame and handle.


That thing looks like it wants to bite me! It’s got FANGS!

Cool. Let us know how the tape holds up after some UPDs.

My basement

I’ve been stretching sections of inner tube rubber over vulnerable bits of bartape on my T7. It won’t necessarily stop splitting, particularly on the really sharp corners of the handles (maybe it would work there if I used several layers) but the idea is that it should at least stop the bar tape fraying and coming off after an impact.