New paint job

My KH20 is getting pretty battered so I was thinking of a new paint job I thought I could get it powdercoated white then add detail. This was a design I came up with quickly, what do you think? any better ideas or colour schemes would be cool.

That would look pretty cool!

i say take it bare and then scratches wont show up as much… but looks pretty cool. Dont paint the seatpost though looks crap. Just use a black crmo one.

trials uni’s are meant to look a little battered though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always liked white frames, and setting it off with a secondary colour like blue works well. (Hint - get blue pedals too :slight_smile: )

Not too sure about the 3 stripes on it though… unless the Adidas sponsorship has finally come through :smiley: If you’re spraying rather than powerder coating, why not do it white, then spray the bearing holders blue and fade that in up the length of the fork?


Oh my schools colors! Stencil in a lightning bolt on the side and you got yourself a might fine uni on your hands!

I think that would look cool with white/gray/and black too :smiley: with the same design

Looks good man just make sure your powdercoater dosent duplicate the pixilations. :smiley:

Yea I agree.

It’s pretty cool, post a pic if you get it done

keep the post black, it will look better.
other than that it looks sick

it is easy to do the blend on the frame even if you are powdercoating. and you can fix any mistakes way easier

yea and mabey coat the rim with blue paint also orange looks good on a uni here is a pic of my friends