new paint job! what do ya think?
yeah, I’ve been meaning to get the green on for a while. I can’t decide weather to go all green or keep it how it is. (I didn’t make a poll, just for you, Harper;) ) so please give your 2 cents.

that looks pretty sweet

id keep it as is

looks cool as it is, I think going all green would spoil it



keep the fade to white.

looks totally kickass.

Tasty, i love it as it is!


I say go with green at the botom like it is, but make it fade to black because white looks ugly against all the black hardware.

Nice, bright irridescent green. The fade into white is a fantastic, artistic touch. Thanks for helping me with my anti-poll campaign.

Man that looks SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! :astonished: :astonished:

Thats awesome Reed, I would definatly keep it the way it is. BTW, congrats on the competition.


that looks awesome

do u dirt jump by any chance? (mountain bikes)

because, that looks just like Aaron Chase’s '07 paint job:

OK, I’ve decided to keep it how it is.

wow, thats crazy cause I’ve never seen that bike and it looks just like it.

thanks nathan, congrats to you too.

Whaaaa!!! :astonished: but polls are cool!!!

It looks cool! But I just don’t personally like white, so I’m not complaining. Real nice! Keep it that way unless you don’t like it. It’s awesome, I like that green! The only downside to white is that you have to wash it that way…

nice paint job eh? i say paint the cranks and hub white

im gunnu have to go with everybody else… keep it as is:)

I think it’s sweet. Really… really sweet. But I dunno… I like the frame as it is, but I think it’d be cooler if it were either all white, all green, or green faded into black. But any way you go, it’ll look way cool.

Agreed:D say no more:D

keep it as it is i say:D

i really think there should be a show called “Pimp My Uni”…annyone with me :roll_eyes:

I love how it fades from gree to white it looks awesome

sick that’s cool i should paint my uni green after the blue paint faides off