New paint job and parts.

With no unicycling for a couple weeks I decided to switch some parts on my trials uni. I bought new plastic pedals, different seat, and put a rounded frame on it.

I was going to paint it pink but I did it with spraypaint…:smiley: and couldn’t find and pinkage. So i went for the yellow. It turned out pretty good i thought.

BTW: the frame came off a really junky unicycle. Probably will break first jump but o well. I had to shave down the tire a little for it not to rub.


new paint job.jpg


new paint job3.jpg

new paint job2.jpg

AWWW IT’S CUTE. It looks like a yummy banana. I love bananas awwwwww.

Right on man, looks good.

-Shaun Johanneson

nice… i like


With all the repainting going on, we should start a new section called, “Pimp my Ride.” Mines changing when the snow starts coming down. Nice job.