New PA Uni Club: The Wobbling Lions

Hi Folks,

Tomorrow is the big day: the first meeting of a unicycle club that I am starting. I am bracing for the worst (no shows) and the best (a few shows). I’ll bring my unicycle collection, which includes an extra 20" and 16" for people who don’t have their own unis yet.

I advertized at local bike shops, Bicycle club list-serves, and through the public shcools (with the Superintendent’s permission, of course). I have not received much feedback from the poster, so I think the club will start slowly…

Wish me luck and please post suggestions for recruiting and activities!


Wobbling Lions recuiting poster.doc (73.5 KB)

You don’t have to worry about nobody coming, I will be there at least.

YAY!! Thanks. It will be great to meet you after all this talk! My son will be there, too. One of my friends will be there in coming later weeks to learn, but is off on family business this week.

Good luck, Blake! :slight_smile:
Lots of good ideas here:

one thing that might help would be to make a website even if it’s extremely simple that has all the information and then have it on the fliers that people can tear off at the bottom. Good luck!

Both great ideas. Danke.

A Success!

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

What a blast. I don’t know if the folks who were there could see how happy I really was.

We had two fellows who knew what they were doing ow up. Chris and TheObieOne. TheObie deserves greatest lauds because I sent him directions the long way and didn’t realize how long it was. He was on his trials uni and made it the distance to the park anyway. Thanks, Kevin, for making the effort. I’ll definitley give you a lift next time!

We had some hopping on picnic tables, giraffe and coker riding. I worked on my choppy spins, backwards and one footed. My unicycles all saw action.

Three passers-by stopped to try, one borrowed my 24"sun to practice this week. i could tell he was hooked. His wife gave my 20" a try, too.

Bear had a good time and rode intermittently.

I couldn’t have asked for better weather, friendlier people and a more rewarding first day of Unicycle Club!

It was also great to see some real skills in action thanks to TheObieOne and Chris.


hey where are you in Pa. I live in Eastern Pa between Bethlehem and Allentown. if you are somewhat nearby maybe ill show up sometime cause i have been looking for people to ride with

I looked before because you are in Center Valley, PA and we are in Centre county. We are in State College right smack dab in the middle of the state. Chris is from the Allentown area though, which I think is not too far from you, and I am from Philadelphia, so maybe if I come home we can meet up for a ride.

I had a good time too. It was worth the effort getting down there just to interact with other unicyclists and actually ride for the first time in a while. I really felt great riding, I had forgotten how much fun it was.

It was completely my fault I got off track. I used directions from mapquest and copied them wrong. Before I realized I was going the wrong direction I was back in town.

I’m glad I got to come down; I can’t wait for next week…I may have to go for a ride in the meantime!

There is a very active club in Pittsburg. The contact on the forum in Unidaddy. Send him a PM. He’s out of the country for a spell, but he will be able to give you the information on that club if someone else on the forum doesn’t know.

I don’t think anyone who’s never organised anything can ever truly appreciate how kewl it feels to see people having fun.

Long may it last.

Hey Allentown is like 20 min from me. Yeah i would love to ride with you guys. philadelphia is about an hour from me so i dont really go there often. I would like to go to the juggling club in Philly though during the summer so maybe i can meet you there. And how do I contact this man Chris.

are you close to lansdale ?

im prob 40 minutes from lansdale

Wondering If There Is Still A Unicycling Club In The Allentown Area?

I Live About 10 Mins Away From A-town. Looking For Fellow Riders Who Can Help Me Lean Tricks And For Riding And Fun.

10 minutes which way? The Bruiser and I live about 15 minutes south of West Chew St., Allentown, which is the location just entering “Allentown, PA” in Google Maps gives.

Good luck, Blake. I have always admired people who take on the enormous responsibility of starting and maintainig a unicycle club. It’s a big commitment in many ways. May your road be a smooth one.