New Orleans Riding?

I’m going to be at a conference in the Big Easy Aug 3rd - 6th. Looking for some good areas to ride that are close by. I’m thinking about packing my 36er to go riding on the Mississippi levee… I’ll have my MUni as well as I’m planning on stopping to ride at a State Park on the way down (Lake Lurleen)…

Any suggestions would be appreciated; perhaps we can meet up for a ride schedule permitting?

PM me…

Whatever you do, Cafe Du Monde needs to be part of the itinerary. Them sugar-coated donut thingies are to die for!

Those sugar donut things are called beignets and they’re just like funnel cake, but in a roll.

Next to Cafe Du Monde there is a little spot where street performers set up. It has a few ramps and staircases and I think a lot of people would enjoy watching a unicycler riding around there.

You could also do some riding around Jackson Square and on Decatur Street(just google them).

Have fun, but here are some words of caution: New Orleans is not the safest city in the world so always keep an eye on your uni, and be careful where you ride because neighborhoods change quickly.

Yes, most of this is common sense, but be careful.

I went to Jackson, MS once to see the Mississippi boys when they were still riding. I wanted to go to Vicksburg to go through the battle site park. It’s an ideal Coker ride. If I remember correctly it’s a 13 mile long, asphalt paved, smooth, one-way road that snakes through the battlefield with monuments all along the way. Very cool. We did it on two 24" MUnis and BlueShift with no particular problems so a Coker would be perfect. If it’s not too far off of your route I would recommend it.

I also met them in New Orleans once. When I was there we rode in the Audubon Nature Institute park. There is an art museum, the zoo, an aquarium, and a bunch of other exhibits there. I think I had a 20" on that trip and the Mississippi boys had a 24" and a 29" but I can’t remember for sure.

Thanks for the tips. I think I’m going to check out the Tammany Trace which is just north of New Orleans; across Lake Pontchartrain. Looks like a lot of Coker miles are in store! :slight_smile:

New Orleans is my home town but I live in LA now. I was back for Mardi Gras this year and brought my KH 24.
A Coker would be great for a ride from the French Quarter to Audubon Park – about 5.5 miles each way. The loop around the park is 1.8 miles and if you cross Magazine St and pass the zoo and ride up onto the levee it is something like a 3 mile loop. The neighborhoods by Tulane are all safe.

If you are staying by the Convention Center or the CBD (Central Business District) you could easily do a big 10 to 13 mile loop by riding all the way down St. Charles to the end, turning right on Carrolton, then cruising up to Claiborne all the way back to Canal St and back to the CBD.

Riding in the French Quarter is fun. There are plenty of steps and great sights. There are some interesting stairsets and rails on the Riverwalk. And as mentioned before in Jackson Square there is a cool stair set.

There is a ton of great city riding in the tourist areas – no hills though. You’ll have great time…and enjoy your conference too.


I used to live in N.O. during the winter

My advice is 25 years old, but that crustly town is older than dirt, so I don’t expect much to have changed.

As mentioned above^ , St Charles Ave going to Autoboun park is lined with thick old trees and high class old houses. I am a bit unsure about how smooth it would be on a 36, as far as lights, intersection hassles. Perhaps check google street map.

Overall, I do not envy you. I went to N.O. in June once, to pick up a friend. I am writing this from Florida in July, so when I say that place was hot-hot-hot :angry: , it was about 100 with about 100 % humidity. I remember how everyone had wet hair, 24 seven. It was sweat city and things wouldn’t dry well in the humidity.

I would lean towards riding the St. Charles -park area on a 36 in the afternoon, then hit the French Quarter after dark on foot to drink and wander .:slight_smile:

Excuse my ignorance, but are their dedicated “bicycle” lanes on any of these streets? Probably a joke right? I’m not a big fan of riding around vehicular traffic, especially coming from Alabama where we have more than our fair share of bicycle vs. car accidents. Just this week an acquaintance of mine was killed while riding his bicycle by some preoccupied driver who was fiddling with his cell phone at the time! Stupid! I’ve got other stories of friends seriously injured or killed while cycling so I just try to keep it safe. Like I mentioned before I’m probably going to go across the Lake and ride on the rails-to-trails there. In addition, as I pass right through Hattiesburg, Mississippi on the way down (and back) I’m going to go for a ride on the Long Leaf Trace there (sorry Vicksburg is a bit too far out of my way this time around).

If it wasn’t so frigging hot this time of year I’d bring my trials uni and look for some spots to session. But I’d melt and it would be just my luck to be spotted by some colleagues of mine! The just wouldn’t understand!!! :frowning:

I’ll have the big wheel with me, so after I scope things out for a couple days, perhaps I’ll go for an early morning spin around the French quarter?

no bike lanes to speak of
there is a neutral ground (where the street cars run – large grassy median) that is ridable if it isn’t too dry (lack of rain); it is a little safer

your point about safety is a good one – New Orleans drivers are not bike/cycle aware and are notoriously horrible drivers

when I lived there, I saw at least one crash every 2 weeks (car vs. street car) – comical

depending on how far you’d like to go, you can definately cover some miles along the levee parallel to River Road up by Audobon Park – out of harms way

it is hot like crazy and I would recommend riding early and being safely hydrated

what conference are you there for that your colleagues wouldn’t understand?

who schedules conferences in New Orleans in the dead of summer anyways?

enjoy and be safe!


I considered that. I’ve run many loops around Audubon Park in the past so I may end up riding around there and then onto the levee for a bit.


A bunch of computer nerds (myself included I guess :roll_eyes: ) !