New Oregon?

Any word on when it may be out? Any details?

All I heard was spring. I’m holding my breath, my mouse is hovering above the ‘buy now’ button :slight_smile: Actually I can’t decide between the oracle 26 and the new Oregon, I’m waiting to see what it has to offer.

What is expected to be different about the new Oregon?

from what i heard diffrent rim and tire and plain better

lighter rim
different tire
new disc hub

supposed to be almost 1.5 lbs lighter than last years

supposed to be beginning of april

I got on the phone and got that same info.

Nate tire and I thought he said 2 pounds lighter. We talked so long I can’t remember it all. Lighter rim, new disc. Price should be the same or close!!!

What difference will the hub have? Hopefully not slapping the Ali hubbed oracle 125mm in there to save weight?

no worries, they said a steel hub

A new hub? A stronger design perhaps, probably not any lighter.

A new rim? The Marge Lite saves 300 gm over the Marge XC, but it’s a more expensive rim and it only comes in 32hole. Maybe they got a custom drilled 36hole Marge Lite rim…or maybe they lost some spokes.

A new tire? Well, the way to lose weight in the tire is to get into 120tpi and/or ultralight sidewalls, but they cost a lot more, so you want lightweight, then it’s gonna cost. Josh likes the nate… I’d like to se a non QBP tire like the new On One (Vee Rubber) Floater.

The brake will be whatever they can get for a good price that works well, so the ugraded Bengal or the Tektro.

Frame, seat, post, pedals all standard.

Think April…

@Anton, you should wait, the new Oregon wheel will be far better, plus the Oregon frame can accomodate any tire other than a 36", so you can have multiple tires, even multiple wheels, just swap 'em out at your leisure. There’s nothing wrong with the Oracle 26", but you can’t fit a 29" wheel onto that frame, nor can you run a 4" tire, so it’s a lot less versatile.

Thanks for the heads up Ben. That’s pretty much what I was thinking. If the oracle was wider it would be a tough choice, but I’m really interested in having a wider muni. Where did you get your other wheel sets that you use on yours, did you buy them from udc? Or did you build them up on your own?

I don’t want to mis-speak so don’t quote this. We talked alot about 29s also so I could have some of that info mixed up.

We talked about a rabbit hole rim and a 36 spoke wheel. I think that was the Oregon…does that sound like a possibilty?

it’s gonna be a LargeMargeLT rim 32 hole


I build most of my wheels, it’s not hard once you get the basics down. I used a Nimbus Dominator 2 (42mm) rim for the 29" build, it’s a heavy rim but very solid. My 26" is a Marge XC.

If the new hub is what Josh has been suggesting, then I’ll build a superlight 29" wheel with a P35 and a Superlight 26" with a Marge Light, and possibly rebuild my Dominator as a Rabbit Hole (50mm).

There is a reason to get an Oracle over an Oregon: If you want to build up a Schlumpf.

I have the same 29er rim, I may just rebuild it on the new hub. What crank length is everyone running on the oregon? is 150 too short? does the monster wheel feel more manageable with 165s? Or does it mostly depend on terrain?

Cranks, yeah, we never talk about that subject :roll_eyes:

I was running 165’s until mud season, then backed down to 150’s so I don’t overpower my traction.

The disadvantage of 150’s is I work hard to climb and descend. The advantage of 150’s is they are smoother riding and more comfortable.

Some folks are running even shorter cranks, 125-137, which is probably fine for flatter riding, snow, mud, but you won’t get much power out of a crank that short, and the Oregon is a big uni to move.

Will the oregons price be different?

I think Nurse Ben is very accurate on the above statements. I am ridding with the Kris Holm 137/165 Spirits on my Oregon. All but one ride has been with the pedals in the 165 holes. I would like to try some 150’s eventually. Right now I spend a lot of time climbing out on the road/sidewalk and the 137’s take to much effort.:o