New orange trials uni!

You can name it Tangerine Dream…


metallic orange jimmy cs would go better than the orange peechy sole mates

no no take it to michigan so I can ride it!!!

your missing one thing…an orange valve cap!

Harper took that one. He’s got an orange Bedford square taper Fireball-tired Muni named Tangerine Dream. Although I do believe Spencer’s uni is much more deserving of the name… :wink:

Ge people lined up and you can charge 10 cents a ride!

I like the sole mates more than the jimmy Cs I think. They are lighter, you can put pedal protectors or grind plates on them without modifications, you can’t strip the pedal body, and I like the color. I liked the old orange cielencki pedals like the ones Sabin had, those were awesome.

I am coming to NAUCC too so you can ride it there.

I always loose my valve caps so I usually dont put one on anymore.

Nice! You went even more orange than me! Love the rim and the pedals.

I know.

I just wanted to show it’s possible, even for an orange uni to have a beautiful name. :slight_smile:

That’s one of the sweetest unis I’ve ever seen. Congradulations!

that is sooo kool. I wish i had that kind of money, pssh i just wish i had your uni lol.

he’s sponsored by bedford…

Darren is nice so he gave him that stuff.

Ah, that looks exactly like my new one will! I sent Bedford the check today. Mine will be red, and with a Bedford trials frame. Otherwise, just minor details. Anyway, a sweet ride indeed. I can’t wait to get mine!

He gave me a nice discount but it wasn’t free.

You can make yours look just as cool with some time, some spray paint, and a little creativity.

If your memory valve improves you can get these(available in many colors). Especially helpfull if you ride at night. I have a simillar pair in red to go w/ my DX.

That is sooooo nice…