New orange trials uni!

Hey everyone, I got a bunch of new parts today from Bedford unicycles and I put a new uni together, it is so awesome. I haven’t gotten to ride it yet because I just put it together.

Here are the specs:
From Bedford:
KH20 07 frame powdercoated orange with black flame stickers
KH20 07 rim also powder coated orange
Black spokes

From Scott Wallis (I got this stuff a little while ago, its not brand new):
Sif grips
Deathgrip handle
CF rear bumper

Stuff I already had:
Orange hoffman sole mate pedals with black pedal protectors
CF miyata shaped seat
Koxx-one hub with 125 K1 cranks
my original seat post from my summit a few years ago, it will be replaced soon with a longer post…when I got my summit I was a lot shorter. The seat is as high as it will go right now.
black tryall rimstrip from Cody

The powdercoating looks amazing! I am really happy with it. Thanks Darren!

Here are a bunch of pictures taken when I was putting it together. I will upload to my gallery sometime too.
Try not to drool on your keyboard;)


Thats crazy! How much did it cost?

Psh, that was the first pic of the whole uni, I didnt have much luck making it stand up by itself so I had my mom take a pic of me holding it.

Edit: to torkerdx, yeah I built the wheel.

that is one of the sexiest looking unis I have ever seen.
did you build the wheel?
oh and I failed on the not drooling on the keyboard part

That is definatly the nicest looking unicycle ive ever seen
for some reason orange looks amazing on unicycles

You should take it with you to Moab so I can ride it.

you should take it to moab with you so I can ride it.

looks awesome, those black flames are a nice touch

I am SO JEALOUS!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

That’s awesome, and I don’t use that word lightly except for when complimenting Harper. Orange looks great. Kind of like a tangerine dream.

Thats really cool, I wanna try the orange machine at Moab too :p. You can try my pizza pizza mobile if you want :D.

Actualy I just lost an orange part on it as I no longer have the orange rim cause I’m too cheap to pay for the powdercoating.

Ps. what size cranks are those?

Damn I fail at reading, I now see they are the 125s.

That looks amazing!

The next uni I get will be like this! (Hopefully a nimbus)

I am definitely bringing it to moab so anyone can play with it. I just rode it under the street light with Cody, it is really cool. Its very light too. I got a doubleflip very first try in the dark on the uni before I tried anything else, it made me happy.

How are those cranks? Are they a little short?

Edit: Oops, nevermind. Looks like you have the 125mm cranks.

Also, I’ve had plans to paint my jeep this color, and hopfully I’ll do it someday. Then I’ll have to get a matching uni. :smiley:


Is it just me or do you have a really long torso/short legs?

I’ve never seen these. I can’t find them on his site. Can you take a couple of picks of them. How much were they?

Why not go for more orange w/ orange pedal protectors?

haha, I think its just the long shirt that makes me look like that, my legs arent that short.

The SIF grips are on Scott’s site, they are $16. I got mine for a little cheaper because they were gray instead of black but it doesn’t matter at all because they are inside the seat anyway.

Here is part of a picture from his site where you can see them, they are the the little pieces on the back of the lip on the base. They just stick to the inside of the base with an adhesive, they make the base much more comfortable to hold sif.

Oh and I thought the black pedal protectors would look cool because everything on my uni is alternating orange and black. Orange pedal protectors would have blended into the pedals more too. Picking parts for this uni made it feel like an art project or something. I love getting new stuff:)

Nice! What’s the weight?
You should take it to Norway, so I can ride it… :smiley:

haha:p you should come to fluck, so everybody can ride it!:smiley:

really sexy uni