>>new or old KH trials rim?!?

which one is better? is there a big difference in strenght? and weight? (new rim is drilled) and i am asumming they both have eyelets right? thanks in advance

whats with all the rims questions therse days… plus those are purely answered by the specs but never mind… no one ever asks like “whats better onza or KH 07 rim… now that’d be tough and interestign to answer.”

well from the specs
this is the “old” KH 05 rim assuming you mean the 20" version.

so basically is 42mm wide, the 07 rim is 47mm wide.
for trials the wider the better so u decide. Not sure if the 05 is eyeletted but the 07 definately is, and the 07 rim is drilled so its quite abit lighter. Althiugh some people will say thats not as good because it might be weaker… personalyl i use a drilled tryall rim and its great.

I think drilled rims are fine, and its the only way to make such wide rims.

^ Not quite, but close. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wide rims are better for balance, in theory. But the 07 KH rims comes at the cost of having large drilled holes, just like Try-All rims. I wouldn’t say this is a particularly good thing, as drilled rims are more prone to flatspotting, and other common breakages.

In drilled rims like the KH07, if you look at the bare rim from a birdseye view, with your eyes on the section of the rim that the rimtape sits on, then you’ll see the big drilled holes all sitting between the spoke holes. This is where it gets ‘ghey’: between the drilled holes and spoke holes, there are sometimes VERY TINY joints, being maybe 2-3mm wide, and this isn’t a good thing, as those joints can crack or snap off. This is the main reason why I’d rather have an undrilled rim.

Also bear in mind: The 05 KH was eyeletted, and is arguably the strongest 19" rim around, at the same time it is the lightest rim around too (yep, lighter than the Try-All drilled rim!). Seriously.

So the 07 KH is basically a replicant of a Try-All drilled rim, but has eyelets… this only means more weight. So the 05 KH rim is lighter than the 07 KH rim, at the same time being stronger and only 5mm narrower.

I’d say go for the 05 KH rim if you can. That 5mm of width difference is not something you should be worrying about, unless you’re at an exceptionally high level of trials.

On a slight side note to Sponge, you seem to know your stuff, what do you think of the Nimbus rim? It looks to me like an exact replica of the KH 05 rim. If this is true then we still have them in supply and I will probably pick one up, otherwise I may be stuck with a new KH rim.

sponge, I didnt know the KH05 was lighter, thats definately cool, looks like a sweet rim. And i’m biased i went from a really thin rim to a really wide one (the try-all) and so i am currently in love with the massive width of the rim, which is so nice, because the tyre doesnt fold much at all, and the uni is really stable.

But why did they (KHU) go for a drilled rim if it was just gonna break more easily, and not loose much weight?

Also what is the onza rim like? it definately looks cool with the hedgehogs :stuck_out_tongue:

koxx street

its the best of both worlds wide like the new kh rim and hole free like the old one

I’m sure Kris Holm has personally answered this question about his new rim somewhere else on here

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the Nimbus rim just a KH05 rim, with a line going through the sidewall? That’s whats off the top of my head at least…

Well, if that’s the case, then it’s fine, except having this line is not a very good thing, because the original KH rims, I believe, came with a line through the sidewall… and basically, sidewall bendage happened. For biketrials, it’s ok I guess, but in uni trials, there’s more sideways impacts (oh gosh, you silly people and your sideways static gaps :stuck_out_tongue: , it’s all about static gapping forwards!).

As for the Onza Hog rim, yeah the hogs look nice, but are so tiny… it’s kind of pointless. But the point is, that on the ‘other side’ of the rim, where the rimtape sits against, there are still the same massive drilled holes in between each of the spoke holes. Meaning same type of break-age as Try-All rims.

Let’s be perfectly honest here… these days, most components are made from one factory but rebranded… such as the original KH rims being labelled as the Nimbus rims… The Onza Hog rim being an eyeletted version of the Try-All rim, same with the new KH 07 rim etc…

They are all essentially the same rim design, but with slight alterations in width, drilled or undrilled, eyeletted/uneyeletted, line/no line in sidewall.

And yes, I forgot to mention in my first post, the new Street rims from Koxx are essentially the best of both worlds. Who gives a flying toss about a few grams? Having a super strong rim, and the extra width, makes the few extra grams seem like nothing. Shame they are deadly expensive though! :frowning:

my completly uneducated opinion is : new

I say to get the 2006 version. Not the old one with the line through it, and not the drilled.
The good one. =p


That is a 26" rim, not a 19 inch rim.

and plus buddy the FEW grams dont matter, that rim is 400grams more than a KH/tryall rim

yeha the street rim from tryall looks a beast… again for the price i’d go KH05 since its seems like the best.

And i thought the hoggs looked kinda pointless with such a small size…

Ok I will… it does NOT have the groove in it. Only one batch did, and that is a long time ago now and that was at the same time as the manufacturer decided to put on in the older KH rim. As you say it is the same rim as the older KH but without the logo.

I would say probably no on your last statement on this one too. The Try-All has large holes on both inner and outer surfaces of the rim. The Onza hog rim has a large hole on the inner surface (but a smaller than the Try-All) and as Suhong says a “tiny” hole design on the outside. Although this of course is weaker than a totally solid rim it should be stronger than a rim with big holes on both inner and outside and naturally less prone to breakages. It is worth noting that it is an eyeletted rim as well which should help with this kind of failure as it will give the wheel better general strength.

Yes true, but there is another difference… The materials, this one is harder to assess; Kris had requested a higher grade of material on his rims than is standard.


Sorry if this post doesn’t help much but…
Roger, you’re priceless! :wink: :smiley:

Thanks Roger, didn’t know about the Nimbus being like that! :roll_eyes:

And I forgot to mention earlier that the KH rims are 7005 alu, instead of 6061. Which is supposed to be a plus side I guess. As it’s a harder metal.

This is what I meant about the thin joints:

I don’t get why they don’t just get those holes drilled a tiny bit smaller? Since Kris Holm’s company says:

“KHU produces equipment that lasts through years of long rides with minimal maintenance or upgrades. We recognize that our sport impacts the environment and commit to low-impact manufacturing methods and to supporting environmental conservation. As a member of One Percent for the Planet, Kris Holm Unicycles is the world’s first cycling company to commit 1% of sales to environmental conservation.”

But… making drilled rims, is effectively wasting aluminum, and also with drilled rims, the rim is more likely to break= more rims needed= more raw materials needed to be harvested. :stuck_out_tongue:

The holes should just be made 2mm or so smaller… that way, there won’t be such ridiculously thin and small joints as labelled in the pictures above.

well, I know that you’ve seen koxx rims break, but I don’t think there has been any problems with the new KH rims breaking. we might as well use them because there is no proof that they will break. Im sure Kris took that problem into account while he was designing them.

well this is exactly what he said in answer to people criticising the holes in his new rims :

The Large Marge comes in a 24–many of the Santa Barbara/LA crew run this rim for Muni. No breakage yet but remember: for aggro riding, NO rim will last forever.


It also comes in a drilled version, but only the second wall of the rim is drilled to reduce weight.