New "open channel" Coker Saddle!

Do you mean on top of the saddle cover, or just a traditional airseat? If you tape it on top of the saddle cover, in what postion do you have it? Do you have any pics of the Lars method? Btw, I’ve used custom airseats before and they are UNCOMFORTABLE to the etxreme! At least for long rides. For me and many others, the fusion freeride is the best saddle for long distance currently on the market.

Too bad this wouldn’t work for a unicycle; looks like it would eliminate the major pressure points where they count most!

Looks cool but I think if you layed off the pepsi it would do your body more good than cutting up your seat :p.

haha I was waiting for someone to mention the pepsi! No worries…it’s diet! And fat free milk too! I didn’t work my way down to a 29" waist drinking SUGARED soda lol!:smiley: Oh, and the way I modified the seat, I didn’t have to “cut it up” at all…except for little tiny puncture holes for the bolts; easily patched if I decide to revert.

I’d agree with it being the best saddle for distance currently on the market. However, I found the foam a little bit too thin in the back when I used it. My set up I have now has given me very few issues with soreness. I use a miyata seat base with a steel stiffener plate, gb4 handles, and on top of the seat base I placed a small bit of foam off the bottom of an old KH fusion seat (the older non grooved one). This small bit of foam actually sat quite well on the miyata base. On top of that I put the green foam from the new KH fusion freeride (had to stretch it a little bit to make the edges fit over the bottom foam) and put a leather cover on top and then tied it below.

It looks bulkier than it actually is, but it is mostly the same shape as the freeride saddle…just a little bit more foam. I now have no issues with saddle soreness and do not go numb like I did with a slanted fusion seat or an air seat.

Others will disagree and say that thin saddles are the way to go, but I disagree and think that it is more the shape of the saddle, the slant, and having a groove. Bulky seats are not necessarily bad.

I keep on telling myself I will take photos of my set up, but I never get around to removing the cover and doing it!

i have been riding about 200km a week on my N36/t7 for the last while and have been thinking about possible solutions to the soreness i have experienced/ thankfully no numbness though. I have an old style KH seat that i padded the base out of with cardboard and plastic to flatten it out.

i did a mod on the foam to make a poor mans free ride style seat, but limited the channel to just the back side of mid-way. I think i may follow what you’ve done and make it the length of the seat with a means for fixing the seat cover to the seat base. If that does not help with ride comfort i might experiment with the front area of the saddle a bit more.

terry- it sure seems from what i’ve seen that the base on my old seat has a much deeper curve than the new freeride seats- or maybe it is just the foam on top?


Ok I axed that first idea. The problem was, that by cranking that centerpiece down in the center to “open” the channel, it was compressing the seat foam at the same time, making the saddle much harder, and also deforming the saddle in general.

So I decided to try another mod. This time I started by making a straight cut in the cover right doen the middle, then creating “flaps” by cutting a small T section at each end. Then I found some scrap vinyl in my shop, so then it was just a matter of attaching it to the part that was cut, thereby enlarging the center of the cover.

This basically extended the center section enough that there would be enough material to simply fall into that channel, so it would stay open while riding. The result in the pic is a rough test; I plan on doing it with thinner, more flexible material. But it seems to work well and now the saddle foam is back to it’s normal shape.



sorry, with your latest mod is the plastic strip still under there or is it purely to open up the channel so the tight seat cover doesn’t press on you?

No I removed the plastic strip and the bolts. It was just compressing the entire seat way too much and smashing the foam down. This way the original shape and density is retained; the main difference being that the channel is now much more open so it can do what it was intended for.:slight_smile:

here’s a photo from his book “One Wheel Many Spokes”:

and a quick sketch I did to give you an idea of how it’s made:

after putting the tube on, it’s covered in duct tape and a home-sewn cover.
(also notice the handlebars on the back)

Where’s the pic? :thinking:

Here’s my latest mod. I used a piece of saddle cover from an old seat, and this time i used contact cement to get it in place, then I sewed it in. Now the channel is well defined. My only concern is whether it will cause discomfort where the seam is; I’ll be trying it later today.

Terry, that looks pretty darn good.

Edit: I have never tried a seat with one of these pressure relieviing spines… is there any chance of anything falling into that crevace and getting squished on a pedal stroke, or is this prevented by cycle shorts?

Well it’s all foam and nothing that could cause injury. The channel was already there, but virtually rendered useless by the cover being so tight that it closed off the channel. This mod simply adds more material in the center so it can easily fit down into the channel. Seems to work well so far.

PS: My sewing skills (if you can call 'em that lol) leave much to be desired! I should have had it done by an expert and had the threading much closer, like on the actual cover. But, my ADHD kicked in and I couldn’t wait! :slight_smile:

This one. And soon to be replaced by my new Coker Big One…already ordered and arriving soon!:slight_smile:

Nice piano welcome mat. You love your passions eh?

Me too!

Haha yeah I do! I would love to find some piano shaped pedals! That would me music to my…feet!:smiley:

:angry: Dang it! I uploaded them to a site that seems to have not worked.
try again:

Yeah, I had that setup quite a long time ago and it was not comfortable for long rides. I much prefer the fusion freeride, even it its non-modified form.

This was a KH Fusion which I heavily modified. I rode on it through nam. I got a sore bum but it sure helped the other bits.

What are you using for the cover?

I have my custom saddle 99% done I just need to put a cover on it. I need something really stretchy to fill in the valleys and I think I am just going to spray glue it on so nothing moves around. I am thinking a lycra type material.