New "open channel" Coker Saddle!

I’ve been wanting to try something like this and it’s really just my first attempt. That “channel” groove in the center of the fusion freeride saddle is almost useless, since the cover stretches tightly over it when you are on it. Previously, I just cut the cover in the middle to expose the channel on my MUni, and it worked well, but there was lost lateral support and eventually, the foam started to separate.

So this time I took a piece of thin flexible plastic, and secured it down the center, forcing the channel to stay fully open. You’ll notice the screws going trhough it to hold it down, but they are deep enough that the will not come in contact with…well, you know lol! Now the foam will remain intact and so will the cover, since it’s all in one piece!

I believe the main reason why your “bits” tend to get numb after really long distances in the saddle, is because of urethral pressure, cutting off blood flow, and the open channel should give substantial relief in this area, greatly reducing the onset of numbess.





Bump: I’ll probably replace the bolts with a strong upholstery thread. If anyone has other ideas to fasten it, by all means go for it!:slight_smile: One thing is for sure, velcro won’t hold it; it needs something to go through it and sinch it down TIGHT!

Very nice, we should have a thread dedicated to distance uni seats, I am currently in the process of making one myself.

interesting idea, if you drilled holes all the way through you could thread a lace through the piece you added and the baseplate, which would be softer on your nether regions and would allow you to play with how much you want it clamped down.

Seriously, just delete it.

Read my thread starter lol! It’s there to take pressure off the urethra, thus keeping blood flowing to your “parts”, preventing numbess. Trials, street, and for the most part MUni riders don’t really have this problem since they are not in the saddle for extended periods.

But when you’re doing serious miles on a coker, numbness WILL set in after a time, requiring more stops along the way to get the blood flow back. This should greatly reduce that occurance.:slight_smile:

Yeah I did mention that in my post above. But yeah I think threading would be better, but the bolts really hold in down great and is totally adjustable. I could make it even deeper if necessary. But will probably go with thread.

Well, once again it wasn’t funny. Seriously, atleast leave that crap in JC.

Interesting idea Terry, I’d definitely like to see it with thread, I’d be reluctant to ride it with with the bolts even if you say you don’t come in contact.

Let me know if it works! From my experience, with the Wallis Road Relief saddle ( ), I haven’t found the channel to help too much. My main seat pain is from too much pressure on the frontal area, and I’m not sure a proper seat design can even solve that problem.


I am wondering when one of the major unicycle companies is going to capitalise on the commuter market (which tends to be older and more willing to fork out money for good equipment) and produce a good distance seat like what you’ve made terry, or the pink ‘ride the lizard’ seat thats been on the forums lately.

I think there is still room for design development in this area. What i would like to see is a flat base (like current kh freeride), a skinny seat (think current uni seats are way overpadded/ thick to make up for bad design- also handles such as t7 remove the need for the seat to be such a vital interface b/w rider and uni), a crotch groove much like what terry has produced that goes all the way from the back of the seat but then splays out (widens) from the approximate gouch area to the front of the seat. I am a little tired of my boys being held high and dry when a bit of a dip would allow for a more natural/ comfortable position.

I think with the forums enthusiasm and depth of knowledge we could produce a design for a really nice road seat. What do you think?


Rivets might be your answer… you should be able to find 'em at a fabric or craft store. You’ll need to buy a special tool to insert the rivets, but they’re cheap. Rivet heads come in all shapes and sizes and I’m sure you can find one that’s suitable for this application.

I believe Terry is addressing the “numbness” issue with his channel modification… I doubt it will do anything to address the pressure issue. If anything, it may increase the pressure on other areas.

My pressure pain occurs on my sitbones, closer to my rear than my front. Our differences may stem from saddle angle, physiology, or both… I played with a few saddle angles during Uninam and found it only created pressure pain in one area vs. another… no position gave me much relief.

One issue I did discover was that past a certain angle, I’d have to sit on the back of the seat (the widest part), which bruised my inner thighs. It gave me the least pressure pain but the thigh bruising was even more uncomfortable.

Seems like there’s no easy way out here until I design my maglev pelvis implant / seat combination.

The question they’d want answered first is, how large is this market? It’d take a significant investment in R&D to produce commuter-specific components… would that investment produce a sizable return?

Because physiology differs from one rider to the next, a “really nice road seat” for someone may be a literal pain in the arse for another.

The way I see things, the best we can do is to share our experiments and experiences (as Terry is doing here) so each rider can try to tailor a saddle to suit their own needs…

The fusion freeride base isn’t “flat”. It’s the exact same base as earlier versions; only the foam shape and design are different.

ok- so i would maybe cut the plastic a little wider at the front in an oval shape and mod the foam to let the channel widen- see crappy microsoft paint addition to terry’s pic.



That’s a good idea, however I might want that wider area further back since that’s where I’m sitting. The last 1/4 of the seat towards the front isn’t touching anywhere. I think the channel is really there to take pressure of the urethra, not so much your nuggets, if it was, there would be a really round, wide opening, instead of a urethra-shaped channel, lol. The other thing is, when cokering, we’re not sitting on our “package”, (they are in FRONT!) and so the numbness is coming from pressure on the urethra, not your package, lol!

thats true for all types of unicycling too isn’t it?

Yeah, but it’s just more of an issue when doing long distance since you’re always on the saddle. In trials, street and MUni, you’re off the saddle quite a bit; especially in trials and street.

This is why I don’t post often anymore…

Cool Idea Terry, let me know how it works out. Did you just take an existing KH fusion seat?


Thanks. Yeah it was my regular fusion freeride. I also have one on my MUni, but I cut the cover on that one to expose the channel completely. That worked pretty well, but the foam started to separate, and I didn’t like having to cut the cover. I felt that this method might be better. :slight_smile:

this seems like a really good idea.
another idea, used by Lars Clausen (the guy who rode through all 50 states a few years back) is to duct tape a folded 12" tube on the seat and partially inflate it, giving you a custom air seat. they’re really comfortable, but look kind of funny.