New Onzas are almost here

Just talked to Onza and we have a confirmed date for the new Onza’s arriving. It looks great spec but I have not even seen them yet. The changes include, double keyways on the hub, narrower hub, narrower cranks, new Onza deep section 19" rim (lot stonger than DX 32 apparently), lighter frame, aluminium 27.2mm seatpost and KH saddle… and a 24" version as well! it also comes with brake bosses fitted as standard.
They should be shipping from us on the 26th August I hope, I will get pictures up as soon as I can, but it may be a week after that.


that sounds very cool!

will the frame be sold seperately? i really want a nice frame for my uni, my homemade one is ok but an aluminium onza would be great!

The frames are not being sold separately at the moment and they are not Aluminium, they are just a lighter section from what I understand. The orgional versions were well over spec! There is an aluminium version that has been under development and the sample will be in our office next week. Simon McAndrew is going to test if it is strong enough for us. :slight_smile:


Hey Roger,

a 24" version of the Onzaunicycle, that sounds great. Are the cranks from the 24"-version compatible with the hub from the 20" Onza-unicycle?? 'cause 165mm would be a good solution for my 26" Onza…


HOW MUCH? HOW MUCH? HOW MUCH?!?!?!??!!?! drools

Yes they are compatible… and they I believe they are already available because that is a BMX size and the hub is based around their famous BMX crank set.


Stop Drooling, you will only make a mess :wink:

They are on the web site already :stuck_out_tongue:
£210 for the 20" and £230 for the 24"


it sure would be nice if Profile had double keyways.

is Onza doing this just for extra strength or have some hardcore riders been able to stress the hub and create some play in the 1 key design?

Can you tell us what the O.D. is on the bearings used for this hub?

It was my suggestion that he did this to streighten the joint because at first we were getting reports back that some where getting play inthem very quickly… .but it wsa found that affterwards it was the cranks needed tightening or greasing and then tightening. But better safe than sorry, I am sure this is the place that they will wear if anywhere so we might as well make them twice as strong.


i totaly agree and am happy for this change.i hope others do too.(Profile)

ive allways wanted to post a thread about wear the best place in the wheelbuild is for the keyway on a Profile hub to be…?

Simon testing products… hehehehe, do you really want them broken in minutes? :smiley:


The double keyway is probably a good idea for “clydesdale” riders. Larger riders put a lot of torque and stress on the hub when doing muni or trials especially if they’re doing lots of climbing and descending and jumping around. Joe Stoltzfus (a.k.a. Idaho Joe) developed play in the keyway of his Profile hub used on his muni. He ended up fixing it with expoxy (see this thread).

I’ve had play in the keyway of a profile hub before, but only because it was defective. Otherwise the crank arms are more the limiting factor and become squeaky long before there might be any play in the hub. That said, multiple keyways are probably a good idea which is why the KH hub also comes with more than one keyway.

-Kris Holm

when i was looking at my KH hub,it looked like a star shaped thing was pressed in there.its really differant looking than a Profile.

when you build a Profile wheel,where do you think the best position for the key would be.think of it,when your landing a harsh drop,where is the ideal location for the key with respect to the cranks being 3 and 9 O’clock?

I’m guessing that crank position probably doesn’t make much difference with respect to the keyway. However, I do rotate my crank arms to different positions to spread out the load on the spokes, which are loaded differently depending on the crank position. This seems to make the wheel last longer.


probobly not but i was just wondering on a techno weenie basis.

maybe nbrazzi could run some computer analisis for me :stuck_out_tongue:

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Might I ask what a keyway is? I assume something in relation to splined hubs/cranks but I could be wrong.

In something related to the thread name, does anyone know when the Onzas will be shipping in the U.S.?

Many thanks

A keyway is one method of attaching a round bar inside a round hole so that it doesn’t rotate. Essentially, grooves are cut in the bar and in the hole, and a key is inserted that fits in both grooves, preventing the bar (ie axle) from turning. The bar (ie axle) is then tightly pressed into the hole (ie hub). Generally, if any play at all develops in a keyway, the strength is totally compromised, but I rode on a slightly loose Profile hub for months a couple of years ago, and it didn’t get increasingly worse.


Thanks, now I get it.