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i just got my new onza trials uni and i am loving it. this is my second uni, my first being a 24" muni. it took a couple hours to get a hang of it as i had previously done all my trials on my muni. the biggest hurdle is the difference in seats. my muni has a miyata airseat and the new onza has a KH. despite the fact that the miyata is brutal on the fingers, I have managed to get my hops up to about 25". on my new ultra-light trials uni i did not try anything higher than 20" but rarely missed a hop. i hope to be nearing 28" by mid january. the onza feels so much more responsive during trials. doing seat out hops on my muni felt as if i was lifting the seat, which was attached to a lead weight by a rusted chain. the onza feels as if i am lifting a single object vertically collectively. its a nice feeling :-). the frame is really stiff, which as i implied above, greatly adds to the hopping aspect.

i will now compare it to the KH20/summit

my bro and “almost” everyone in Hell on Wheel has a kh20 or summit (not frank) so i have had plenty of chances to ride them. in my personal opinion, i prefer the onza. this may be because the onza is “mine” and that implies a certain increased level of affection, but it just feels more solid, and i like that in a trials uni. i also prefer the yuni/nimbus2 style crown over the kh. this is most likely because my muni has a yuni frame and i have therefore slowly become accostumed to it. another advantage i will point out is that the kh comes with wellgos :frowning: and the onza comes with bulletproof style pedals (not great but much better than wellgos). these differ from the bulletproofs in that they have more pins and the pins are a good 1 or 2mm longer (no i am not joking). they are massive and i will surely “feel” their grip later in riding :-). i also like that the cranks angle away from the frame to prevent your ankles from being nipped by the protruding cylinder out of where the crank attaches to the hub (sorry but i cannot remember the actual terminology of what i am delineating). so all in all, i prefer the onza. it is mine and i shall stand by it. but i guess the comparing is futile until i put it throught the same torment as has been put on the kh20s…

and perhaps i will update everyone on the progression of my testing of this uni in the future…

Thanks for the info and congrats on getting a new uni :smiley:

hey, nice write up.

Can you weigh it and share back, later?


you mean weigh it physically, or weigh its positive attributes, so to speak? ill do both (if i can find a scale).

well here’s the update after two days riding (maybe 6 or 7 hours total)…

i need a higher tire pressure than on the 24x3 to prevent folding over when doing a far side hop or when hopping on a slanted rock. the kh seat is definately better than the miyata for seat out (i dont think anyone will dispute me on that (and i mean miyata seat without rubber tubing)). oh yeah, the spokes on the onza are much thicker than on any other uni ive seen, i dont remember the exact gauge, sorry. the frame is really cool because it looks like the yuni/nimus 2 but is slightly different in shape. when it nears the bearing housing, it turns from a round cyclinder to a flatter oval shape.the powder coat finish is nice. the picture on is not updated and shows te old onza, the new one is better looking.

still lovin it

trip sucks at halo and his uni is quite the example of slick sweetness

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>Thanks for the info and congrats on getting a new uni :smiley:

Ditto. And the term for the cranks angling out is “Q-factor”.

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